Redstone Quest [Puzzle]

Redstone Quest is a puzzle map with extensive an tutorial to get started and more than five levels of varying difficulty. If you like to challenge yourself and solving complex tasks then this map is likely a map you will enjoy. Everything in the map, e.g. unlocking new levels, is powered by redstone mechanisms which makes the gameplay really smooth and enjoyable.

Creator: FH_Miner

quest-4 quest-2Download (0.14.3)
Download (0.15+)

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10 Responses

  1. Fikri says:

    Hi editor I wanna ask.. How do I upload maps to mcpedl? I want to make a map and upload it to mcpedl

  2. TheJokerx says:

    This map is amazing, thanks

  3. Amri says:

    Its epic, please add a new level

  4. FH_Miner says:

    Hello Puzzle and Redstone lovers!! The map is UPDATED NOW!!
    This update includes:
    -Five New HUGE LEVELS that will surely make you rage and will surely test your skills.
    -Re-created level 5
    -Fixed various glitchy redstone circuit.

    If you still experience bugs, please notify me at twitter: @FH_Miner

    ENJOY!! 🙂

  5. Alright says:

    Best Map Ever

  6. TheButterMage says:

    In basement on level 2, there’s a hole in the wall leaking to redstone.

  7. FH_Miner says:

    Good Day Redstone Lovers!!Thanks for all the reports!.The map is updated now for 0.15.+!!

    •What’s New?
    -Fixed Level 2 basement hole leaking to redstone.
    -Fixed Roller Coaster Ride not exactly going at the right path.
    -Fixes some Redstone Glitch
    -Added Intro Signs
    -Removed Herobrine

    That’s all! If you still experience glitches through the map,feel free to inform me at my twitter: @FH_Miner

    -Enjoy!! 🙂

  8. Replete_Mars9 says:

    Is there a link

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