Reverb Outpost: Single Player Let’s Play World (BluJay Games) [Survival]

This is the world BluJay created during the second season of his Let’s Play series. It’s loosely based off the Echo Base from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. The world includes many useful areas such as an iron farm, zombie farm, starter shelter and a custom snow cave complete with storage, branch mines, farms and an enchanting room. There are lots of cool areas to explore and it will be updated regularly with more content every 15 episodes.

Check out the Let’s Play video further down on this page!

Creator: BluJayGamesTwitter AccountYouTube
Updated: 15 February, 2018 (read changelog)

Let’s Play Video

Make sure to watch the latest Let’s Play video!


  • Updated Hangar Bay
  • Added Starfighter to Hangar Bay
  • Defeated Ender Dragon / Collected Dragon Egg, Elytra, Dragon Heads, etc.
  • Revised Auto Smelter Design
  • Added A Sheep Farm with All 16 Colors of Sheep
  • Added Item Sorting System To Sheep Farm
  • Added Enderman Farm in The End (Currently Broken)
  • Defeated The Wither Boss / Collected Nether Star (Crafted Beacon)
  • Added Relic Room to store Special Items from the Series


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15 Responses

4.66 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. Bob says:

    this map is amazing!!!!! it has all the stuff you need to survive prepared for you, so it is fit for all skill levels!!!!

  2. umario says:

    Woah, this is amazing! Because of this map, I had just subscribed to BluJayGames (: Keep up the good work BluJay!

  3. WhatsUpTheoYT says:

    What texture pack did you use?

  4. FluffyCat says:

    I love this map because…
    -So hard
    -Survival mode
    -So Best

    • Aylin says:

      So best is not correct grammar, you should atleast explain the great situation correctly!
      No hate, have a great day! overall five star game!

  5. ruzkie0402 says:


  6. Gamer3 says:

    this map is weird

  7. Itsbabyfalcon says:

    Best map ever by Blujay

  8. Anonymous says:

    This is awesome!
    Thanks Blujay

  9. Jacob says:

    Hey blu jay sub

  10. Jacob says:

    Great map

  11. The only one says:

    I download the map I went to the coordinate and didn’t fine anything at all you lied to me blue Jays

  12. The only one says:

    I couldn’t fine the base I used the coordinate and nothing why blue jay

  13. Juls says:

    Wow its amazing i justed subbed to you when i downloaded your map

  14. JaymeeGirl says:

    Amazing map! I subbed and love this map sooo much! Keep it up blue jay!

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