RyanMinecraft71 City [Creation]

This city has been in the works for about three years now, but probably not in constant development seeing as it’s a fairly small city. It’s a modern city including several skyscrapers and a few other structures. The architecture looks similar to that of the architecture used in big cities like New York or Chicago. All in all, it’s a pretty cool place to explore.

Creator: RyanMinecraft71
Updated: 1 February, 2018 (read changelog)


  • Minekarta City
  • BlueStar City
  • Village Underground
  • Village Nation
  • And more!


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13 Responses

4.38 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. Manka says:

    Love this!😀

  2. XbowGaming says:

    I can’t find the city. I was Spawned somewhere

  3. GERZ says:

    Keep It Up!!

  4. K says:

    Is there a school?

  5. notch (you are welcome) says:

    he has the name in the city because he wants alot of credit but i like the map

  6. Rozzz says:

    Is their a school ? I need to know

  7. GalaxyGirl24 says:

    I like it! Nice work

  8. Harley says:

    What is the seed to this? I can’t find it

  9. LuthfiMuhammad says:

    selamat ya Ryan ^_^ maps nya masuk mcpedl

  10. Gw bukan indo says:


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