S.S. Floria [Creation]

S.S. Floria is a ship from the 1900s which took less than a month to recreate in Minecraft. It is a very detailed and realistic cruise ship with rooms for hundreds of passengers. It’s built in a flat world and as a result it’s quite limited in terms of usage. But it’s still a really coolΒ creation with lots of different areas to be explored.

Creator:Β ElectroCreeper,Β Twitter Account

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37 Responses

4.14 / 5 (21 vote)
  1. Mcpeguy says:

    Early today

  2. Ella says:

    Hi when I download it it only downloads some of the ship it’s not like the tutorial

  3. DankMemes says:

    Next should be the U.S.S. New Jersey

  4. Parsa says:

    Its fake!!!

    Really dissapointing

  5. Dantheman says:

    Such a nice ship. Very detailed πŸ™‚

  6. AmandaDanielle5 says:


    • AmandaDanielle5 says:

      Oh wait… im sorrryyyy neverminddd

      • Chan Kevin says:

        Could u try make a bigger version of this ship? It’s nice but I think it’s not even half as big as the Olympic class liners. Please do more research and build it larger. If u said that it is built in the flat world, then fine, why don’t u make the Water level higher, so that more levels could be built?

    • Peter Nguyen says:

      That “ship”was a tugboat.fly behind that and u should see a larger ship.

  7. γ†γˆγˆγ†γ‡γˆγˆγ£γ†γ‡γ†γ‡γ†γ‡γ†γ‡γ†γ‡γ†γ‡γ†γ‡γ„γ„γ„οΌοΌ says:

    Nice!! Good map!!! Thanks!

  8. Leeann deshaney l. Maturan says:

    It is a great map creation of the boat

  9. YouMadBro says:


  10. Dragonfart852 says:

    Wow this is a great map and the ship is pretty big when I think I’ve seen all of the ship I discover a new room and I keep getting lostπŸ‘ Great map

  11. Danilo says:

    Cool ElectroCreeper I liked your boats

  12. Pikachumaster says:

    ummmm this is not the same world

  13. Raphipod says:

    Why is this ship so tiny? I thought it would be way bigger like showed in your video??

  14. EricaSprite030 says:

    This looks like Titanic Though- XD

  15. Dafd says:

    Good for mutliplayer friend

  16. Look says:

    This is miniscule an absolute waste of my time

  17. HuskyGamingTES says:

    Everyone calm down.. I would like to first of all, great work ElectroCreeper, it truly reminded me of the R.M.S Titanic. It was amazing. Now a message to all players… STOP HATING! 😑 It clearly says on the sign where you spawn that you have to go directly straight to see the actual ship. That was just a spawn. This shows that MCPE players these days don’t read the signs left behind for them. I’m not talking to anyone specific, I’m just saying the facts. I think the ship was amazing. One of the best creations I’ve ever seen. 5 stars.

  18. Untastes says:

    Its just like titanic and i love the 1st class rooms. It looks old . I comoared this sjip to your ocean dream ship. its seems like ocean dream is more modern and more attracting but this ship is Good for me

  19. ReadTheRules says:

    People read the rules, People these days.

  20. GrowBoySG says:


  21. GabiiXsavage says:

    EC please do the actual R.M.S. Titanic next. It’s should be 264 meters long and ~50 meters tall.

  22. GabiiXsavage says:

    And wheres ur Ocean Breeze, I’ve been waiting for 5 months

  23. MatthewG says:

    Please make more ship maps I love them

  24. Jay says:

    do the RMS Titanic

  25. MatthewG says:

    I love this ship creation and also the Ocean Dream map, really good. Please make more ship maps I recommend the Maersk Alabama container ship.

  26. Max says:

    Found the , “your awesome sign” in the coal room

  27. Julian says:

    This is some amazing work, good job!
    One question – Is this based off of a real ship?

  28. Hate .zip says:

    Can you make a life size house with a bathroom

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