Save the Christmas (1.0 Only!) [Adventure]

Christmas is getting closer and Santa Claus needs all the help he can get. However, last week all of his helpers got kidnapped. He tried to contact the Federal Bureau of Elfinvestigation but they couldn’t help him. Give this map a try if you want to get in Christmas mood already. Play as one of Santa’s elves and try to escape captivity to try to save Christmas before it’s too late!

Creator: MisterDabs, Twitter Account


All workers of Santa Claus have been kidnapped and put in a prison and one of them are you. It’s only a few days left until Christmas and Santa urgently needs his elves to help him deliver the presents. It’s up to you to find a way to escape and save Christmas from this catastrophe!

save-the-christmas-2 save-the-christmas-3


  • Don’t break blocks unless told otherwise
  • Read all signs

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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37 Responses

  1. Jared says:

    I wish this was available for 0.16.0

  2. KyleNatan2 says:

    Did the download link i sent/submitted work??

  3. Ava says:

    This doesn’t work. I spwan on a flat world with no adventure map. Can u help?

  4. Matthew says:

    Why is the map only for 1.0?
    An can u make a map for 0.16.0 that’s a fun adventure

  5. Kyle says:

    Did u get my addon I submitted?

  6. TheGhastKing332 says:

    Can you please make a 1.16.0 X-mas map? This Map Seems Awesome but I Can’t play it

  7. BowlofJ says:

    When I spawn, I spawn on flat land with nothing. Is there a problem?

  8. the dude says:

    Dropbox please ☺

  9. MaskedHAZIQ23 says:

    Why only for MCPE 1.0?is it still working if you play in MCPE 0.16.2?

    • AtomicMC says:

      It is 1.0 because the new 1.0 GUI setting where you can change to classic Minecraft PC GUI is required for a specific level.

  10. Now now says:

    Please make this for 0.16.2!!

  11. I WANT THIS MAPS SO BAD BUT ITS FOR 0.17.0 >:( says:

    dude android users are mostly the ones who have 0.17.0 make it for 0.16.2 not that much people have 0.17.0 bruh think about it

  12. RageTheWolf_XDX says:

    Why androids get Mcpe updates so fast I’m so mad plus my other friends using IOS Is complaining about this at

  13. Adreana Sofea says:

    Ahhh For 1.0 srsly >:0

  14. I love 0.17.0 says:

    This map is awesome! iOS user

  15. HEROBRINE says:


    (Took me like 1hr tho xD)

  16. Taylor says:

    I have 1.0

  17. ParkourMasterTV says:

    Yep I Got The 1.0 Upadate It’s Awesome! iOS user

  18. CookieCat1026 says:

    i dont know what to do after i collected the two pressure plates….what am i supposed to do?

  19. ragerzacher451 says:

    I can’t find a plates
    Is there a problem?

  20. Toni says:

    Is it two player pelz read

  21. Minecraft Rocks says:

    How do u download an add on to this map

  22. Minecraft Rocks says:

    How do u download the xmas add on to it?

  23. Red says:

    So I got the two plates and completed activator…, what happens now?

  24. AtomicMC says:

    Editor please reply, it would help so much! When I go into your map, and I see all these signs that have little bold down arrows on them, how do you get those bold down arrows or up arrows? I tried everything and it didn’t work! Please help

    • Editor says:

      I don’t really know to be honest. But I think they have to add special characters to make them bold / colored. Maybe someone else knows?

  25. Cool guy says:

    I went in the tube and I died and spawn in the ground. Plz fix dis.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Love it! And yes, remember the true meaning of Christmas peeps! ^.^

  27. QhamaLizwi says:

    I have 1.0 all you have to do is uplude the 1.0 update

  28. River says:

    Sorry I’m an idiot where the heak is the glass tube you have to jump through!?

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