SAW Horror [Adventure]

It’s few maps in Minecraft which has got me scared, but this one succeeded to scare me at least two times. You’ve been kidnapped by an evil psychopath who will take you through a series of challenges where none of the available options seem good, but you must make your choices quick in order to survive this house of horror. Even though parts of the story could be improved upon it’s definitely an enjoyable (and at times scary) gameplay experience.

Creator: ZeReaper


  • No cheating
  • Gamemode: survival
  • Don’t break/place blocks (unless told otherwise)
  • It’s best suited for one person, but you are allowed to play it in multiplayer.

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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49 Responses

4.5 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. rhyan says:

    Awesome map man!

  2. CupableCsGyT says:

    U could say i SAW Horror geddit?

  3. Aditya says:

    Hey am not able to get out after coming out of the air shaft can u help me

    • ZeReaper says:

      Hi, for the air vent on the prison you just have to jump on the one block whole under and you have a potion effect. If you speak about the black whole, simply move when you fall on the room and don’t go on the whole where you had fall but wait the secret passage’s open 🙂

  4. LuNaLoV says:

    Gonna try this out! Looks cool btw 😀

  5. JackAfrica says:

    I was scared to the bone by a ENDER DRAGON HEAD

  6. DA MIGHTY POO says:

    Scary I nearly cried

  7. marianne says:

    of course

  8. Dantheman014 says:

    How do I beat this…. I always get the jumpscare in the vents…… Or is that the ending?

    • ZeReaper says:

      Ow… you should have only one time each jump sceare :/ That work on few devices so maybe it’s a glitch… can you move throught the corridor or are you stuck at the Ender dragon’s head ?

  9. lolpop says:

    got to the jumpscare….. i had enough scared for today

  10. Rayya says:

    How did you get the blindness potion cause I want to make a map and use it but I have looked for it I can’t find it please tell me.

    • Anonymous says:

      /effect @p blindness 100000 1. That’s the command

    • ZeReaper says:

      Hey ! 🙂 I had do on a command block /effect @a blindness 12(lengh of the effect) 2(level of the effect) true(to hide potions’particules for this effect). If you search more details, I advice you to search it on Youtube where I found great tutorials about commands and effects.

    • CupableCsGyT says:

      Do /effect @p blindness 100000 255

      To clear it do /effect @p clear

  11. HuskyGamingTES says:

    The best horror map I’ve ever played, however you need to improve on your English dude, as sometimes the words in the map didn’t make sense because you used the wrong words or you spelled it wrong. But overall, great experience. My fav part was when the dragon jumpscared me! I was so scared!

    • ZeReaper says:

      I will take more caution on the language like you said and thank you for your feedback about good things 🙂

  12. Question says:

    How do you get past the part where saw tells you the story of the anti gravity system

    • ZeReaper says:

      You have to wait on the room and NOT under the whole from where you fell and wait the open of a secret way on the wall over the iron door (if nothing work, you can go out of the room in creative mode to load the chunks where the commands block are not load)

  13. _Really? says:

    I had to download the map 5 fucking times is this real life I mean at least let it spawn you like 3 times

    • ZeReaper says:

      I don’t fully understand but I know that there is an issue on 1.0.5 that don’t apply the /setworldspawn to future players so I built a system to do it automaticly. Saddly I can’t do much beacause I had lose the default spawn of the map for me when I did /setspawnworld so I can’t move the spawn to it.

  14. ZeReaper says:

    Ah ah ah ! I have a bad soul for screamers 🙂 Tanks you Editor for realse my map and maybe an one day a SAW II with more details on the story will be made but it’s sure that I will do other horror maps 🙂

  15. xtdm_fanx says:


  16. Minecraftgamer13378 says:

    first btw this looks cool

  17. rod says:

    you fucking scared me saw

    • LuckyGuy2017/Celtic Celery says:

      PLease do not swear on this site. Language within Minecraft is OK, but worser than that is not

  18. CodemuhFroste says:

    Does this have a jumpscare?

    Anyways, I would try recording this map ^-^

  19. Anon says:

    Cool, please make saw 2 3 and 4

  20. Kakarot says:

    Once upon a time,I’m closed in a room…How can I escape from it?Pls give me some tips…

    • ZeReaper says:

      You have to move when you fall and don’t be under the whole when you have the levitation effect and [SPOIL] wait the open of the secret way over the iron door on the wall.

  21. Phat says:

    Commandblocks in this map ?

  22. The Doctor says:

    I am getting stuck after you make the first decision. Lava comes out and I am just stuck in my cage. Any advice?

    • ZeReaper says:

      It’s a issue with a redstone block that is not succesfully place on this version of the map (I had submit a version without few issues but I don’t know if it will be update, here). You will have a message that say you to replay the map (on an other copy because it’s not replayable on the same map copy).

  23. Knightwings1213 says:

    How do I play map it’s hard when I reach the crystal part

  24. CodemuhFroste says:

    Hey! I just recorded the map!

  25. MagicNeuil says:

    i want to do a video on it, how long the map is suppose to take us (time)

  26. Alex says:

    This map is great but work on your English and make part 2 and 3

  27. Aldred says:

    Create SAW2

  28. Frostbyte3YT says:

    Im gonna have nightmares

  29. CMAN says:

    Moderately scary, took a tiny bit of skill to complete. A very tiny bit.

  30. Ruqsy05 says:

    Cool map I just finished playing it now I got scared of the dragon head I dropped my iPad on the floor

  31. VenusLU says:

    Looks like a cool map!, can’t wait to download it!, also I read the comments and everyone says they’re so a jumpscare. I’m prepared lol

  32. Alan Tomathy says:


  33. Daniel Gonzalez says:

    I am going to try it and see how it is so if it’s like the actual saw movie or not but from these reviews I think it’s going to be good

  34. blurryface says:

    After I kill the villager, what happens next?what should I do next?I’m stuck on the 2 villagers and I killed the man on the right. Please help. I really love to continue playing it

  35. Mutsumi Asuma says:



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