Scarecow Add-on (Beta)

A scarecrow is a great option to keep out unwanted animals or monsters from specific areas. The add-on changes some of the behaviors for the armor stand to enable this new feature. One of the scarecrows is used for scaring off rabbits from your carrot plantation and another can be used for scaring off hostile monsters from your property.

Creator: JoePaletoTwitter Account
Idea Credits: _GlitchMC (Twitter)

How does it work?

Rabbit Scarecrow: Keep your garden well protected from those carrot-eating rabbits! As soon they see it they will immediately start running away. Add the following items to the armor stand:

  • Pumpkin
  • Leather Tunic
  • Leather Pants

Monster Scarecrow: This is the best way to make sure none of them skeletons, zombies or zombie villagers come near your house. Add the following items to the armor stand:

  • Pumpkin
  • Iron Chestplate
  • Iron Leggings
  • Iron Boots
  • Iron Sword

More scarecrows will be added in the future!


  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Activate the pack for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this add-on here.

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48 Responses

4.77 / 5 (30 votes)
  1. Trey says:

    This is epic! Can’t wait to see more!

  2. Madmax says:

    I’m the first to say, “nice addon.”

  3. TheMinecraftPlayer says:

    Good idea! 😄

  4. TheMinecraftPlayer says:

    There should be a scarecrow that keeps a creeper from exploding when your near it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Nice! This is a pretty unique addon and it looks super cool, nice job planning & making this addon 🙂

  6. MARCECRAFT says:


  7. Alex says:

    Very good

  8. EarliestBook826 says:

    Cool mod!

  9. BlackRockStudios says:

    This Eliminates Most Mob Proof Ideas For Houses.

  10. Twistamoneus says:

    Pretty nice can’t wait for more

  11. xSK8Z00x says:

    First! Also, pretty cool 🙂

  12. MaverickandNoah says:


  13. GenArt says:

    What is the range of the scarecrow in blocks?

  14. No Way says:

    Wow!! You Should Add a “Wither Scarecrow” and the equipment is : pumkin,diamond armor,and a diamobd sword

  15. Ethan says:

    Anyone noticed how it said, ‘Scarecow’?

  16. Minecraft pro says:

    Nice…….this is working???

  17. Falkenvergh says:

    This is a Brilliantly thought add-on!.

  18. Fuck 12 says:

    Yo great addon can’t wait for more

  19. Mattska says:

    how dose this work just interested i didn’t know you could do stuff baced on the entity’s amour…

  20. Christian allen susanto says:

    Maybe you can turn bat into bird that are eating the plants, it’s good for rabbit too. However this is the cool addon, i rate you five star because i will help you to add more features, thanks ^°^

  21. LuckyGuy2017 says:


    1000000000000000000/100 😉

  22. Davi Arruda says:

    Very good,my fist coment

  23. AphmauShuES says:

    I really enjoy this! At first I was like ummm you can make this in the base game but it is a behavior pack and I really like it!!!!

  24. Carl says:

    Doesn’t Work the rabbit One and The monster one uh I can’t tell but doesn’t look like it but I’m sure it will be good in the near future

  25. Carl says:

    Ops I didnt put in my last comment a Five star for your game So this is it

  26. FTgaming says:

    There’s no function to my mcpe

  27. Alan Tomathy says:


  28. ImTheCoreOfMc says:

    So i was trying out this add-on, I know it’s a beta so I won’t get mad but, the monster one doesn’t seem to work, the zombies and villager zombies go after the villagers and me even when built, same for the rabbit scarecrow

  29. Creepi says:

    Ummm do rabbits eat your carrots. Can you make it scare villagers from STEPPING on your crops.

  30. ;) says:

    First comment 😉

  31. Addons&ModsAreGoodForU says:

    This is very useful thx 🙂

  32. BluCookieBoi says:

    Thank god that you made this add on because I needed this

  33. Pickle Rick says:

    Sweeeeeet I already had a scarecrow, so now it can be useful.

    Because I’m Pickle Rick!!!!

  34. jen says:


  35. Pandykiss27 says:

    Wow this is 😎 awesome my Dude

  36. Jaimee says:

    I was laughing so hard when I was using this scarecrow addon. I put a square fence around a portion of a flat area, put two scarecrows on each side, and when I released the rabbits in that area, they were running all over the place. It was so entertaining! XD😂😂

  37. SeaWardMagician says:

    I can tell that the mod is great but, It’s not working for me. I don’t know if it’s because I’m on windows 10 edition or If I downloaded it wrong. Please help. Did I do something wrong?

    • AnimalFriend1 says:

      It isn’t a mod. If you did do something wrong, check the behavior packs in the world you are using the behavior pack for. Because for mods, it’s different. If you were doing the right thing, the best solution I can think of is re-downloading it. If you tried that too, sorry then, I can’t help. I’ll test it now because I haven’t tried the addon yet.

  38. TheMinecraftPlayer says:

    Editor, the title says “Scarecow” instead of Scarecrow

  39. Anonymous says:

    It’s so cool! And fun when the zombies see the scarecrow it’s like I’m out

  40. MinecraftBoys says:

    So cool! And funny!

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