School and Town [Creation]

This map was originally by KamTheBamm and I have put about 50 hours on and off to change and improve it. I added/changed: the school and all other buildings (added lights and remodeled some), added dorms to the school, built an apartment building, moved and (completely) remodeled the market, and built a parking lot and library next to it, moved the theater and pink house, remodeled the theater and built a new restaurant.

Before lastly planting a bunch more trees and using /fill (replace) to change the logs to oak (as well as doing many other things, I hope everyone enjoys my map!

Improved by: Rexor03
Creator: KamTheBamm
Updated: 25 December, 2018 (read changelog)


  • changed and added a road
  • Added a clinic
  • Changed buildings a bit
  • Remade park/nature walk
  • Remade other park/spawn
  • More trees and added tall grass


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82 Responses

3.49 / 5 (37 votes)
  1. Rosemix says:


  2. stxrrybliss says:

    I downloaded the map and when I clicked on the server it said “A newer version of the game has saved this level. It cannot be loaded.” Please fix this as soon as possible, I really want to roleplay in this map with my friends.

    • Rexor03 says:

      Sorry, but I cant do anything to help you there, if its saying that than you are using an outdated version of minecraft and you should check the app store/play store/whatever store your device uses and make sure you have the letest version of minecraft installed

      • Rexor03 says:

        Hold on, i stand corrected… on my laptop, the device I exported this world and submitted it from, downloading the world and playing it works perfectly, however when i try to do the same on my ipad, it gives me the same issue that you are getting… how does that work???? The same ipad is still able to join my laptop, so it cant be a different version… maybe try to use a different version of minecraft, or use a 3rd party app using your computer to manually put the world in your game folder (look up how, its too long to describe here) i hope its just a bug and it will fix in the next update to minecraft.

        • Nada usama says:

          What version of Minecraft do you use?

        • Helpful cheeseburger says:

          Its because the tablet/ ipad version of the new update hasn’t come out yet so when the update for the tablet/ ipad comes out that you used to make the make is when people on tablets/ ipad will be able to play

      • Freddy says:

        Hey this looks familiar sorry for asking it’s a assumption but you wouldn’t happen to know TGC or thegamingcat by any chance if you do reply or message me thanks

      • Lemmy says:

        When I download it it doesn’t go to my worlds tab idk why

    • Anonymous says:

      Same thing with me

    • Logan says:

      This happened to me too

    • Dev says:

      I have a fix, if you have a third party multi player app like Blockman Multiplayer for Minecraft PE open that and launch the world after installing it on your phone/tab then it’ll let u in the world once ur in leave and open in regular mcpe, hope u have fun playing

      • Rexor03 says:

        Im not entierly sure if we would be able to do it, but if you (or someone else reading) could figure out a way to export the world from your android to a computer (or some other way of exporting it, i dont have an android) and tell me, ill find a way to contact you so you can send it too me, if we can manage that, i might be able to update the map with it

    • Master Firvan says:

      you need a higher version of mcpe

    • Nada Usama says:

      Yeah it the same with me maybe Rexor03 was on android

    • Xxx says:

      Same for me

    • RedstoneLover says:

      It means you are using an older version of Minecraft

    • Jemi444 says:

      Your Minecraft version is older. You should update your Minecraft to the newest version.

    • Anonymous says:

      Im having the same problem

    • IceCream123 says:

      Same. I tried on my iPad and it said the same thing. I was looking forward to playing

    • Taruna18 says:

      Update the Minecraft.

    • Alex says:

      I had the same problem about it saying a newer version of the game has saved this level. It cannot be loaded

  3. Cheese says:

    Hi,can you at least make it have creative mode for people who did not buy minecraft like me?

  4. Pikachu says:

    It’s great

  5. Anonymous says:

    Great but i cant find the dorms

    • Rexor03 says:

      The dorms are built right into the sides of the school, if you go to the front of the school and follow the path to the right or left you will see the doors to the boys or girls dorm

  6. Anonymous says:

    What version of the game is it on because I can’t get into the world because it is saved to a newer version of Minecraft.

  7. Talent says:

    Won’t run on Android 1.7 – get the ‘newer version of the game has saved this level’ error. Was this saved with 1.8 or the java edition (new to Minecraft so still learning the ecosystem)

  8. Hxleyy says:

    I can’t get into the world. Maybe because you used a different version?

  9. Sayori says:

    Fantastic! I originally had the origional, but I think this version is way more improved. Now it saves me time to edit the whole town! (I am lazy.) It makes me feel less depressed! 😀

  10. Nada Usama says:

    Please help me wen I click the world it says ‘a newer version of the game had saved this level it cannot be loaded’ please fix it I want to roleplay in this map

  11. Anonymous says:

    Well……. it does not load for some reason when i am trying to import it. So please make an zip.version (even trought i am on android)

    • Rexor03 says:

      Sadly, as many times as i have tryed it, even changing the code in some of the levels files (to the best of my ability), the .zip works just as poorly as the .mcpack 🙁
      But if you do want to try for yourself, on a computer, open up file explorer and make sure you have the ‘show file extentions’ box ticked under view, then, go to downloads (or wherever the world saved to when you downloaded it), and rename the download, use the arrow keys to go to the end of the name and remove .mcpack and change it to .zip, and there you go!

  12. Nada Usama says:

    i download the map wen I click on it says ‘a newer version of the game has saved this level It cannot be loaded’ by the why I’m on iOS ) so plz fix the map I really want to roleplay on this map

  13. Nada Usama says:

    I downloaded the map and when I clicked on the map it said “A newer version of the game has saved this level. It cannot be loaded.” Please fix this as soon as possible(btw I’m on iOS )

  14. A person you dont need to know -.- says:

    Please fix soon…….it won’t work and I really really really want to play this game!!!!!!

  15. WolfGirl says:

    It’s says that the world is on like on a newer version on this game and I don’t know what to do help please

  16. isaac says:

    It did not work. It said “A newer version of the game has saved this level. it cannot be loaded” please fix this!!

  17. Ayan says:

    Bro Can U make a map of ark survival and with all dinosure and taming in dinosaurs

    • Rexor03 says:

      Sorry, but i think thats a bit out of my skil level =P however, i do know there are dinosaur addons and maps of places like jurassic park/world and others on this site

  18. I am Obviously a Unicorn says:

    It wouldn’t let me load in, this made me extremely upset. Please fix as soon as possible

  19. sakimauru omegai says:

    Won’t download, but from me looking at the provided images, looks lime a great map.
    ••___ 2/5 stars for me!

  20. Rexor03 says:

    sorry everyone, there is nothing I can do about the issue with getting the world started on mobile devices, not long ago there was bug fix update on windows 10 and Xbox versions of Minecraft, (1.7.1) however, the update was not needed, therefore not released on ios or android (they are still 1.7.0). in the changelog, it said that devices would still be able to connect to each other, and they can, but they seem to have forgotten to allow world imports. so until the next Minecraft update for mobile devices, we will all simply need to wait to be able to use this world and others that are released using windows 10, I am upset because of this as well, as I am unable to work on maps while traveling.
    let’s all hope this is fixed soon.

  21. S says:

    My god, It is obvious that there are many kids here.
    Stop demanding for “Please fix it”. There is nothing the creator can do with the recent problem here. You kids will have to adjust.

  22. Wyatt says:

    the download won’t work on my mcpe and I have 1.9 bata and from reading the comments in not the only one so pleas fix your stuff

  23. Thunder__ says:

    Am i the only one with this problem? I downloaded the map and when i open minecraft it didnt show up and i keep doing it and it still didnt work ;(( and yes i already have the newer version of it.

  24. Rexor03 says:

    As of now, only players who have the windows 10 version of minecraft can play this map, for other users, we will all, just have to wait untill the next update for minecraft for our respective devices, its quite a shame this had to happen just before i released this map, and im sorry for the players who are upset by this, if you want to help push minecraft to update, you could try to tweet or use facebook to draw attention to this issue, but until then, please be patient, and i hope you can return and fix your ratings once you can accurately rate your experience.

    • PURGE-_-619 says:

      I know how to fix the problem you have to upload the map on a phone ipad or tablet because the windows ten verson is in a higher version.

      • Rexor03 says:

        If i could, beleve me i would, but because it was made on my computer there isnt any way to get it to and of those devices, even going into the game folders and copying the world directly to the game files of my ipad gives the same error

  25. CELEST says:

    If you are using iOS/Android/or ipad you’ll have to wait until the next update to play the game

  26. Pseudonym says:

    Same with me I tried to download it 3 times

  27. Pseudonym says:

    Minecraft for me also says I have to the newest version of Minecraft

  28. Shopvil says:

    The reason I don’t like it cause I want you to make a all player op and the command is ‘ /op @a ‘

  29. Princess says:

    Hi! I am using the latest version of Minecraft PE and it says I am using a outdated version. Can you please fix this?

  30. Puppystriker Lee says:

    Ya I have same problem as everyone else and on the AppStore there is no update..;/
    Also side not to mojang PLEASE add 1.8 to iPad

  31. PURGE-_-619 says:

    The reason it isn’t working is because you uploaded it on a windows 10 device so only windows 10 users could only use the map to fix it re upload the map on a ipad, tablet, or phone.

  32. Malika says:

    The map is amazing me and my sisters love playing maps

  33. Rexor03 says:

    The 1.8 update has now been released, and im happy to say players of all devices can now play my map, not only windows 10 users, next time something I post a map, or even more likely update this one, ill be sure to make sure the version is correct, to hopefully avoid issues like this one, and I thank you for all being patient with it. But as for now, I hope you enjoy my map

    • Shopvil says:

      I’m lovin’ it and its great for my RP i’m doing with my friends but I have to reinstall it ;c but I don’t care now the clinic is so so useful thanks Rexor!

      • Rexor03 says:

        Your very welcome, and I am aware of how annoying setting the world up for roleplays can be, especially when you have used the world for a long time, on plug pe for example, an IOS Minecraft hosting app, many people still use the original map by KamTheBamm, because they have had it for so long and they and their friends have made their own changes to the world.

  34. INeedToSleep says:

    Where r da dorms?

  35. Rexor03 says:

    Hey everyone! What do you think I should add for the next version? I’m already planning to add working garage doors (using command blocks), and completely redo the apartment building, as it looks… less than appealing. for another thing, what do you think I should do about the road? each version so far has used different blocks, but they just don’t feel right… what blocks should I try?

  36. Horst says:

    Ich finde ees sehr cool

  37. Rose says:

    i really love this! a lot! i love how the dorms water works and it was so nice to say “merry xmas” and “happy new year”. Same to you! thenls for putting in hard work for a good map!!

  38. samantha m. says:

    hey! i downloaded the new map and have a suggestion. do you mind putting street lights in the map? i added it to my world, but it’s a daylight censor, and once you place it on a rest one lamp, tap it to where it’s off in the daylight and it’ll be on when it goes dark.

    • Rexor03 says:

      Yep, im planning to add street lamps in the next version, the only issue is daylight sensors tend to be a bit… unreliable, as its not so much the time of day that they activate, but the light levels themselves, so sometimes one light will go on before another. But i do plan to add them, whether i find another way to power it or not

  39. Shopvil_ says:

    Uhh is it normal for this to happen and here’s what happend.
    So I was roleplaying with my friends and then I wanted to go in the school but it like glitched me so I went in creative mode and it still wont let me pass and there wasn’t any barriers there its happening to all my worlds is there a fix to it?

    • Rexor03 says:

      Hmmm… im not sure… that hasn’t happened to me I dont think, not on my own world at least… is it still an issue now? Or has it fixed itself? This isn’t really the place to go if you found a bug, but to be honest I don’t really know where you should go :/ you could try teleporting yourself over the glitch, that might work

  40. XD person says:

    This is on my favorite minecraft worlds. Me and my friends role play together here

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