scooby doo: Survival Island With a Mineshaft & Dungeon

A small survival island seed where the three main features of the island are the little pool of water, the hill on top of which you spawn and the mineshaft.

ScreenShot049 ScreenShot050

To get to the mineshaft go to the hill on which you spawned on top of and find the little cave. At the block we have marked out with a red arrow on the image below just dig straight down. Soon you will be falling through some gravel – make sure to destroy the gravel otherwise you might suffocate.


Much of the mineshaft is covered in gravel so just destroy the gravel blocks infront and behind you.


It’s mainly the gravel behind you that is covering up the most parts of the mineshaft and also where you will find some iron blocks.


Check out the video in the bottom of the post to find out how to get to the dungeon.


Seed: scooby doo

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  1. James Notley says:


  2. Dragzu says:

    couldnt find cave. where is it?

  3. Rylan says:

    I can find Cave

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