Seasons Add-on (1.2 Beta Only)

This add-on implements seasons to Minecraft. Every 20 minutes there will be a seasonal change and this is most visible by the leaves changing colors. It’s very realistic in that sense that it is a gradual shift which happens quite slowly over a period of several minutes. All leaves except for birch and jungle leaves change colors, but that is going to be updated in a future release.

Creator: _bisherTwitter Account

How does it work?

It takes 20 minutes after you’ve entered a world for the leaves to start shifting colors. Actually they are shifting all the time but it’s only at the 20 minute mark that the change is visible.

No other vegetation except for leaves shift colors. But perhaps that something for a future update.

Spring / Summer:




  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Start Minecraft
  3. Settings > Global Resources > Activate the pack

You can get a .ZIP file for this resource pack here.

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61 Responses

4.38 / 5 (26 votes)
  1. SuperMine says:

    I like this concept, would be very cool to try out. Keep going! Looking forward for some plant-changes though

  2. randomguy says:

    The first seasons pack in mcpe:) this pack is cool

  3. AdvDreemurrFr says:

    Cool ! But the grass side color isn’t the same as the top grass color

    • SamDaLlama. says:

      That is a render issue in Minecraft.. Will try to fix though

      • Blue_Ninja says:

        It’s not actually a render issue, it’s more of a texture thing. The grass side texture uses a carried texture which is colored by an overlay

        • SamDaLlama. says:

          I removed the overlay and can use my own colors! The problem is that grass top and leaves stop changing at a certain distance. I think it is because of vanilla shaders (that’s why I said it is a rendering issue). I don’t understand how shaders work, but will try to solve this problem

  4. DevlinPlayzYT says:

    Do the leaves move with the airs ?

  5. S4/\/\ says:

    What mechanic does it use to only work in 1.2? And by the way, you’re allowed to use my Autumn Texture Pack for this Texture Pack if you want to (it’s on MCPEDL)

    • Blue_Ninja says:

      I believe it’s the fact that this resource pack uses features 1.2 resource packs have that aren’t in pre-1.2 resource packs such as the ability to change more colormaps

      • SamDaLlama. says:

        I thought it was for 1.2 only because of a rendering problem I had when testing on another device that had 1.1. But as of right now, it seems that it depends on what device the player uses.. So editor please remove that beta only tag.

  6. BerryBush says:

    this is a RESOURCE PACK? WOW

  7. Enderman PE Official says:

    Why exactly?

  8. Enderman PE Official says:

    Im going to install this and Im hoping it will support 3D Vegetation addon aswell. If not, Im dissaspointed and perharps that will change in the future.

    • Blue_Ninja says:

      It won’t be able to support the 3D Vegetation add-on because both resource packs use the same files to edit leaves

  9. Muhammad says:

    yoyoyo iso awesome yoboi loves it

  10. Strange Dude says:

    20 minutes? thats quite fast. is there a posibility to make this time longer?

  11. TK-6606 says:


  12. Amy says:

    This looks cool already

  13. Anonymous says:


  14. Eric Winnick says:

    Works on later versions to

  15. riester says:

    Didn’t @solvedDev make something similar

    • SamDaLlama. says:

      Yes he did. I saw his idea and liked it a lot, so I made this add-on. I asked him if it was OK for me to do this and he agreed.


    Love it

  17. Stevebricks says:

    Does this work?

  18. IAintTellingU says:

    cool add-on if the plants changed to that would be sick

  19. Diamond_DogX says:

    I love this! (One piece of advice though: make it an hour instead of 20 minutes.

  20. Myles432 says:

    Really nice. I just wish the plants and grass would change, and I would like some support for 1.1…. in case you hadn’t noticed, 1.2 isn’t even out! So why everyone must make versions only for 1.2. Think about the left out iOS users for once please. Thank you👍

    • ALOJNK says:

      The reason for that is that 1.2 has a ton of features that 1.1 doesn’t have, like the ability to add blocks and entities.

      • SamDaLlama. says:

        If you try it, it would work for 1.1! I just recommend using it in 1.2 for better rendering

      • Blue_Ninja says:

        The ability to add blocks and entities isn’t a new feature for add-ons/resource packs. The feature has been around for as early as 0.16.0

        • SamDaLlama. says:

          We can’t add entities, we can only edit existing ones. Oh and adding blocks (technically editing textures of existing blocks) was there since the introduction of texture packs! We didn’t discover until recently though .

  21. AntoineMCDL says:

    Really good! Only things I hate is that it goes foe about 20 blocks range and the plants aren’t changed.

  22. Roberb says:

    Why is there no fall?

  23. DinoLightning95 says:

    I could use this on IOS because it was a resource pack

  24. AaronZhou says:

    Good thing that U didn’t use like other add on creator or it would be really annoying for that I will rate 5 stars keep it up

  25. FoxyRawr says:

    I love this resource pack! I wish it would change the grass/tall grass / ferns would change color it would make more sense. And when i leave and come back in my world it resets the whole process so I have wait another 20 minutes to see winter then another 20 minutes to see spring and I like the time for it too be 20 minutes because for me 20 minutes is pretty long enough but maybe 30-50 minutes would be nice because 1 hour is too much for me too wait. Anyways I love it!

    • SamDaLlama. says:

      Thanks! I will add different durations for seasons in the future. Expect ferns and grass to change in the next update 😉

  26. Seasickdrip22 says:

    Pls just use it on 1.2 beta
    If you use it on a old version the game won’t look pretty

  27. PixelGamer2468 says:

    It’s a great concept, I love it! But using this addon made one issue for me. It wouldn’t let access my inventory in creative or survival. It was completely empty. One recommendation change it so it doesn’t do that… please

  28. Alexej Chung says:

    Cool, but still need to improve, jungle leaves, long grass and some plants doesn’t change texture

  29. Anonymous says:

    Autumn is fall

  30. AI says:

    can you add sakura season?

  31. alustarg says:

    wow wow wow great!

  32. Shadowgreen7 says:

    I love this, excellent idea.

  33. Shadowgreen7 says:

    This could, however, use some fine tuning.

  34. Daymine_482 says:

    Wow this is awesome

  35. Blue_Ninja says:

    Awesome concept. Would be best if you could find a workaround for the many dongles Minecraft Bedrock has in its resource packs. I would suggest looking for a way to remove the overlay from the grass side texture and making the side texture colored similarly to the top texture which would make the colors match. Overall, I like the concept and hope you will continue to update it

  36. iPopsiicle says:

    Wow! I Finnaly Know When Christmas Is!!! One Question: Does It Change Depending On The Real Year Seasons?

  37. You're Biggest Fan says:

    There Should Be Two Options For This Addon
    1) The Regular One(This One)
    2) Autumn Has Orange And Red Keaves Instead Of Pink

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