SecurityCraft Mod

SecurityCraft adds a couple of new features to the game which better help you secure your creations from unwanted guests. The main attraction in this mod is the secured door. Basically you will be able to access a super strong door only by using a specific connected card. The rest of the features in the mod includes reinforced blocks and some more.

Creator: Biel Games!

Secured Door

Craft a Link Card Block (recipes found further down on this page). Place it down one block above ground, preferably on top of another block.

To link a card to the Link Card Block tap on it with a Card.

Now whenever you tap on the same block with a Card it will automatically open/close.


Reinforced Blocks

Besides the security feature the mod also adds a bunch of new reinforced blocks: snow, sandstone, glass, stone brick, quartz and brick.

Item/Block IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Card (404) – 3 plastic + 6 redstones
  • Plastic (411) – get through latex
  • Latex (412) – get from the latex extractor using a bowl
  • Powder Rubber (384) – tap on the exchange block with some bones to get this item
  • Latex Extractor (90)
  • Exchange Block (140) – 6 bonemeal + 2 redstones + 1 iron block (use a stonecutter to craft)
  • Wood Stuck Rubber (255) – tap with a stick on a rubber wood latex block to turn it into a wood stuck rubber block
  • Rubber Wood (165)
  • Rubber Wood Latex (168)
  • Sandstone [Refined] (28) – 5 sandstones + 4 obsidian
  • Snow Block [Refined] (69) – 5 snow blocks +  4 obsidian
  • Glass [Refined (249) – 5 glass blocks + 4 obsidian
  • Stone Brick [Refined] (71) – 5 stone bricks + 4 obsidian
  • Quartz Block [Refined] (84) – 5 quartz + 4 obsidian
  • Brick [Refined] (84) – 5 bricks + 4 obsidian
  • Link Card Block (152) – 2 redstones + 1 glass block + 6 iron blocks (use a stonecutter to craft)
  • Grass Trap (193)



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  1. Izabell says:


  2. Liam says:

    Why is my latex extractor not giving me latex? And when I spawn in latex, how do I get plastic?

  3. Dan says:

    Hey Editor, can you use mods for servers like in MCPE?

  4. Jake1901 says:

    I can’t install it ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  5. Kyli says:

    How do you use Dropbox

    • Editor says:

      When you are on the download page on Dropbox tap on the area outside of the sign up box to skip that step. Then click on the download button again.

  6. Madeline says:

    Ok this looks AMAZING!!!!!!!¡!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Kiersten says:

    Btw I need iOS guide

  8. KrazyKidvids says:


  9. De says:

    What version is this for thanks

  10. rowen says:

    editor you can also do this for mediafire

  11. Charley says:

    Editor, please do this for medicine plsplsplsplspls.

  12. Anonymous says:

    EEditor please get it for 1.1.4

  13. Kadane says:

    I can’t get to download it on for iOS for my iPhone 7

  14. Masonnnnnnnn says:

    This is complicated

  15. Vnnnn says:

    How can i download the mod?

  16. Kylo ren says:

    Please make it mcworld

  17. KawaiiDino8011 says:

    Please make this for iOS! 🙂

  18. Charlie says:

    Sounds cool

  19. Charles says:

    I can’t download it 😭

  20. Block says:

    How to i can download a mod??!!

  21. Biel says:

    Hello, this mod was made many years ago, but I see that even people who like and can not download, the link below makes available a more updated version of it, I do not know if it is compatible with newer versions of mcpe because it is very old , but anyway if you want this one:

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