Self-Building Modern House [Redstone] [Creation]

This modern house builds itself. Walk out of a tunnel and find a switch which turns a forest clearing into a luxurious one-bedroom house.

Embarking on this project was quite difficult. I thank my team, CrackedCubes, for collaboration and command block knowledge, and other individuals who have built similar projects from which I drew inspiration (Bluflyaway/Assassiner_003). If you have any suggestions for future updates, please comment below.

Creator: TheCrazyTitan (Twitter), CrackedCubes (Twitter)

Click here or on the image down below to view a GIF animation of the self-building house.


  • Modern House (one bedroom with bathroom, living room, kitchen, library, balcony… and more)
  • Command block construction/deconstruction
  • Teleportation to the inner workings of this complex Minecraft creation


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25 Responses

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  1. BendyTheDemon says:


  2. XXXgamingnateXX says:

    A self building mansion with redstone contraptions inside

  3. GamerNate says:

    A self or non- self building mansion with redstone contraptions inside

  4. Paul says:

    How do I download????

  5. Paul says:

    How do I download??

  6. Paul says:

    How i download

  7. Oh Gosh says:

    It Doesn’t let me open the gate”You Are Not Authorized”

  8. GemyGold says:

    You can use my video for a video showcase
    Search “GemyGold_” on YouTube and find the latest video

  9. Anonymous says:

    Would not load

  10. Anonymous says:

    Amazing. When will you extend the road with other self builds??

  11. Alisa says:

    Как это скачать

  12. Kkkkkkk says:

    Cant download this so annoying

  13. Jaren151 says:

    Download link broken

  14. Unbox Therapy says:

    GemyGold give me ThE direct link

  15. Anonymous says:

    Can’t download server not found it says.

  16. Akise Aru says:

    I need help downloading. It says safari can’t open the webpage. Please help

  17. Plol says:

    I don’t where the self building house is

  18. anonymous says:

    Lol this is great design everything cool

  19. Please fix says:

    Safari says cannot find server

  20. Anonymous says:

    What’s the texture pack??

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