SG Bed Wars [PvP] [Minigame]

This is a fully functional Bed Wars minigame which which can be played by loads of players at the same time. It features one arena called the Desert Destroyers and it also includes a fully automated shop. You will be able to collect items in-game and then trade them for other items and it’s all done with a very simple chest user interface.

Creators: SkyGames Team (Twitter) (Website) (View all credits)
Updated: 12 September, 2018 (read changelog)

How to play?

This is a PvP minigame which supports a lot of players. Use the stone shovel (which you retrieve upon spawning) to destroy the beds. Make sure to use the dyed armors to remember who is on which team.

There’s a chest at spawn which contains the BedWars Shop List. Here you can see the cost of all items in the shop.

There is also a chest with two hoppers. Place the items you want to exchange in the slot between the hoppers, e.g. iron ingots, to purchase an item.



  • We have fixed the Shop and made the interface easier to use!
  • You now have to place the item in the chest’s first slot!
  • Please still use the Classic UI mode!



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71 Responses

4.29 / 5 (35 votes)
  1. Rainbow Kitten says:


  2. Lordvmc says:


  3. Behemoth316 says:

    Thank you I’ve been waiting for this for a long time

  4. Trey says:


  5. earthray says:


  6. EnderDzN says:


  7. Warrior cats lover 😻😻😻 says:

    Yay first comment plus great map super fun thanks to creator your amazing I’ve always wanted a bedwars map but couldn’t find one plus its Macworld best game ever 😀😀😀😀😀 100 stars!!!

  8. sheep says:

    Add where there is only 2 island so it could be a 2v2

  9. James_Read12 says:

    Love this map thank SkyGames 😊😊

  10. Randomone says:

    Could you make this a template? (I believe it is .mctemplate)

  11. Lunar says:


  12. Hypnotic Otter says:

    Doesn’t work well on touchscreen devices.

  13. Ssdoome says:

    I been whiting for a badwar cool man my dream come true

  14. KobeYashi says:

    its been a while……

  15. TheMysterisSteve says:

    Is there a bed? None of the pictures have beds.

  16. SlimePlayz says:

    How do you break the Concrete? Plz Halp

  17. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t this block wars?

  18. Arun Chebrolu says:

    None of the tools can break the concrete. Please help. Other than that, another great map from the Sky Games team!

  19. SnakeArmsGR says:


  20. GriefMaster123 says:

    I love this game, but they don’t reset the chests DX. Can you fix that? Loving this already, oh, and make the islands bigger so we can cover the “bed” with more blocks

  21. machinebuilder says:

    Why did you take me to

    • Realrealms21 says:

      Go in you need it and click skip add and after that click the link that is called click this link and yoy will get in mediafire after that download it and your done thats preety much it!!

  22. Realrealms21 says:

    I had a question why is the stire not working???

  23. Why Are You wondering? says:

    If someone is having problems with the shop go to Settings>Video>UI And change it to classic. Trust me it will make stuff easier!

  24. loyall penguin says:

    I even did it in classic

  25. Sapphire says:

    thanks to the makers of bedwars map!
    it’s sooooooo cool!!!!!

  26. Gamemaster2.0 says:

    👍🏽It‘s the best map👍🏽

  27. adam says:

    how to u break there thing or does it go on FOREVER

  28. Donisha Collis says:

    Hello Editor… can you add another bedwars map that has beds and villagers from hypixel pls thx

  29. Anonymous says:

    Cant work on mcpe

  30. We The Puppies says:

    The shop does not work! Please help.

  31. Flash says:

    Can you reset it?

  32. Mineit1114 says:

    Why does the only ones i go to are red and yellow? Why am I not ever going to green or blue? Please tell me, What am I doing wrong? Why do you put green and blue’s base if I can’t go to the bases?

  33. Anonymous says:

    Omg I like this map so so so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Anonymous says:

    did the old mincraft have stone [first version]

  35. Mikel says:

    It’s really fun!!! But hypixel bedwars is better!

  36. Elliston says:

    404 not found ugh????

  37. Idk name says:


  38. Mariella Wearmouth says:

    Hi I love the game

  39. Basil says:

    Awesome map my new favorite!!!!!

  40. Anonymous says:


  41. Connor Santoro says:

    How do I get the shop list

  42. HellCraft says:

    What does sg and lg in front of the map names mean

  43. Y says:

    Use the scoreboard command!!!!!

  44. EnderGamer25 says:

    Please do SG FLEE THE FACILITY 🙂 🙂

  45. LAST TNT says:

    hi I need fix for shop she not working

  46. youss3f says:

    You have the best game

  47. daniel h says:

    i hate it the shop dos not work and ther is on ui in the video

  48. DynamicGamerl0l says:

    Really good map its fun to play it on local multiplayer with friends!

  49. Bedwarz Fan says:

    Awesome map! I love it! Only problem is sometimes I try to buy things at the price listed, and it doesn’t work! Other than that, it’s really worth downloading

  50. lemuel says:

    Why im not get any staff on the island and i cant get iron or gold
    Plss help me

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