SG CTF (Capture The Flag) (Multiplayer) [Minigame] [PvP]

SG CTF is a capture the flag minigame for up to 10 players and there are two possible teams (red vs blue). It’s a game of many elements. For example, one of the most obvious goals is to find and capture the other team’s flag and bring it back to your base. But at the same time you have to make sure that your own flag stays protected. It’s a really fun game as it requires great teamwork if you want to be the winning team.

Creator: SkyGamesTwitter Account


How to Win

One of the main objectives is to capture the other team’s flag. Fight your way through the other team’s defense, or be stealthy and sneak your way up to the flag before stealing it. You can take the flag by destroying it with your shears item.

If you drop the block then you will automatically die. This was implemented to stop a major glitch. If you die with the flag in your inventory it will be returned to your enemy’s base. Once back at your castle go back up the stairs and place it on your podium.

How to Defend

Another objective is to keep your own flag safe and making sure it isn’t captured by the other team. The best position is in a tower to get the best view over your flag. But this comes with the disadvantage that it’s slightly more difficult to reach the flag if someone comes and tries to steal it.

There are Instant Wall Eggs which can be found in the chests around the map. You can use these items to spawn a 4 block tall pole. It’s great for blocking caves.

How to Gather

Gathering resources is essential for your team’s survival. This is most noticeable if you have more than two players per team. The resources are found in caves and they include things such as coal, iron, gold, and diamond ore. Use your sword to destroy the cobweb.

Furnaces and chests are also found inside the caves.



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16 Responses

4.79 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. Jetmaster231 says:

    good map though i died

  2. CarryoutFlame18 says:

    Firts and Love This Map

  3. Kcirtap5002 says:

    Can u make a burning map?

  4. MCPE Fogz Gamez says:

    OMG YOU FORGOT ABOUT THE DANGEROUS WATER I ADDED. IF YOU STAND IN THE WATER WITH THE DANGEROUS WATER SETTING ON AN ALLIGATOR (aka evocation_fang) HAS A RANDOM CHANCE TO PUP UP AND ATTACK YOU. Also for anyone who downloads the map I added a little Easter egg for anybody who checks the map in creative 😉

  5. Yatharth Upalkar says:

    Can’t download

  6. Darryle says:

    Maybe make a hide and seek map. But also the map was really fun and amazing ❤

  7. RubiconFlash says:

    9/10 loved and please make a burning map or hide n seek. One thing you could add is something to leave the game I faced some technical difficulties like I got stuck in a black hole that I dug out of. LoL

    (In capture the flag you can’t bring back a flag if yours isn’t in your base.) 😉

  8. Ronny says:

    I really 10,000 reallys later want to play the chisel &bits mod

  9. Mr says:

    Very nicee!!!!!!

  10. Christian says:


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