SG Dreaming (Part 3) (Horror) [Adventure]

This is the third and final installment of the Dreaming horror map experiences. This time you’ll find yourself in some kind of underground bunker or recovery facility. Your objective is to find a way out and escape. Is this real.. or are you just stuck in another dream? This map includes an interesting story as well as multiple different scares. If you haven’t played the previous parts then make sure to check them out here!

Creator: SkyGamesTwitter Account


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18 Responses

3.63 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. TheWitherGuyMC says:

    The Jumpscares Got me

  2. Scardy cat says:

    Wow great map 😀 enter at your own risk. Ps I got to scared so I stopped playing in the middle

  3. haha says:

    heck yeah it is the best horror adventure map keep doin what you doing man continue it I will be so gla to play the 4th part or every other part I am serious man keep it up boiiii!

  4. Entity_303Gamer says:

    Can you amke full map when all part where finished

  5. Taylor says:

    This is very interesting….

  6. Fire Masoud says:

    Who s the horor statue in out of map?EaStEr egG?

  7. Ching chong says:

    You black

  8. AwardedMussel49 says:

    Scary Girl is very scary!!!!!!

  9. Buster says:

    That scared that hell out of me!

  10. Buster says:

    The girl on the bus

  11. Poppy says:

    Can you release the SG Dreaming Part 4

  12. Masongamer787 says:

    At the start of the map i went up vines then a picture of a freaking GHOST came up like jesus!

  13. Shado says:

    Omg!!!! This scared the life outta me!!!!!!!! 0.0 keep it up SG!

  14. Gabriel Von Uriel Vergara says:


  15. No name says:

    Waaay too short.

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