SG Dreaming Part 1 (Horror) [Adventure]

This is a short but quite detailed and scary horror map. There are a lot of easter eggs to be discovered and as a result you’ll probably need to play it a few times before you experience it all. You’ll basically wake up in your bed and from there the adventure begins. The question is though – are you really awake or are you still dreaming?

Creator: SkyGamesTwitter Account


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28 Responses

4.63 / 5 (19 votes)
  1. MCPE Fogz Gamez says:


  2. Darryle says:

    Very scary but also really cool

  3. WesttleCraft YT says:

    First and SCARY Xd

  4. XxZeeMoosexX says:

    I love it! Its very scary…Add Faithfull texture pack for more spooky’s! xD

  5. Lena101 says:

    It was short but it was also scary. Can’t wait for pt.2

  6. Hi says:

    Oh ya great map

  7. Yahifajel says:

    This is great omg download it

  8. CarsonG1017 says:

    Scared the shit out of me the first time around! Amazing job!

  9. RedTheDJKING says:

    Great! It got me with the jumpscares EVERYTIME.. The red stone work VERY impressive, can’t wait for PT.2

  10. 07DragoWarrior says:

    Nice Map! Keep making these maps 🙂

  11. NotchVsJeb says:

    Nice map , make again faster please…

  12. Funny Pranks says:

    Cool map👌

  13. Levon says:

    The link doesn’t work

  14. Ferine says:

    This was sooo cool! It’s an actual good map! You barely come across scary ones lol

  15. Infernogamez says:

    Great programming on this! I didnt find any flaws in it so tops to you good luck on part 2!

    also hey again 😀

  16. StavyPlays Fan says:

    I have not tried any border maps yet I hope it is scary!

  17. StavyPlays Fan says:

    I have not tried any horer maps yet I hope it is scary!

  18. StacyPlays Fan says:

    I have not tried any horer maps yet I hope it is scary!

  19. GamerZedTez says:

    That JUMPSCARE 👍👍

  20. Arkham1223 says:

    The jumpscares scared the shit out of me. Still… This map is scarier than Pt. 2. Can’t wait for a PT. 3. Pls make it fast. And add more jumpscares.

  21. Kalipo says:

    Can someone post the direct link to the download so that I don’t go through ad fly thank you

  22. Anonymous says:

    I can’t do it. Lol.

  23. TheMinecraftPlayer says:

    I played da map my Minecraft username is WitherGuardLord3

  24. FireCreeper1033 says:

    Full of jump scares amazing game

  25. FireCreeper1033 says:

    I should add that I got lost in the maze and have no idea what the rest of the game is like 🙁

  26. Please give me a medafire link says:

    Can someone give me a medafire link? Adf.Ly is just…. the worst

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