SG Dungeon Master – Infinite [Minigame]

Dungeon Master V1 – Infinite is the first official and free Minecraft Infinite Dungeons Explorer! Adventure through the randomized dungeon on a 4×4 grid! With millions of combinations, who knows what you will find?

BUT! That’s not all, we have custom victory sounds and starting sounds! Not to mention, A custom music track that also serves as a timer! When the song ends, the game is over! The timer on the side of the screen will tell you how long you have left, when finishing a game and having a record time, it will save your score! With a custom Personal Best, Timer, Song, Arena, and 3 Kits to choose from. This map is amazing and has loads to offer!

Creators: SkyGames Team (Twitter) (Website) (View all credits)

And this is only Version 1. What do you think is coming?



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9 Responses

4.57 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. Ahmedwolfy says:

    First comnent

    It Looks Cool 🙂

  2. Baldi Basic says:

    I like the jevil voice

  3. idk says:

    Looks good! I never saw something similiar to dungeons except mob arenas.

  4. HirwrC says:

    Sometimes generates dungeon that can not be passed. Pls fix

  5. Donutdude79 says:

    One question is this compatible with multiplayer?

  6. Jamie says:

    Play the trailer music at max vol lol

  7. Pdtheyoutuber says:

    Definitely a good map!

  8. Vegerotto72 says:

    The thumbnail says free does that mean theres a paid version on the market place?

  9. mister dungeon says:

    really nice

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