SG Fan Realm World [Creation] [Minigame]

This is the world used on official SkyGames fan realm and now you’ll be able to set it up as your own world as well to either use on your own Realms or on a local multiplayer game. The world includes a cool lobby with minigames as well as a bunch of cool minigames. Some of the games include TNT Run, Block Party and Kit PvP. Here’s a link to their official Realm.

Creators: SkyGames Team (Twitter) (Website) (View all credits)
Updated: 9 September, 2018 (read changelog)

Realms Invite

You can now join the SkyGames Realm by visiting the following link:


Here’s a list of games included in the map.

  • TNT Run
  • Volcano Run
  • Block Party
  • Kit PvP
  • Slime Battles (new!)
  • Spleef
  • Gold Party (Automatic Drop Party)
  • Sand Castles (1v1)
  • MEGA Sand Castles (1v1v1v1)
  • Diggers
  • Hole in the Wall (new!)
  • Minotaur
  • Ladder Brawls
  • Bow Brawl
  • Free For All


  • Slime Battles Return
  • Hole in the Wall has replaced Death Run [DeathRun was causing Realms to Crash]
  • Large Teaser for Space Shenanigans Season 2 has appeared!



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53 Responses

4.52 / 5 (31 vote)
  1. Jordan says:

    Sky games you are the best thank you for making this map

  2. Giel1234 says:

    Make bedwars in de server pleeas

  3. Christian says:

    Why is one of the sg carnival pics here ._. Btw 10/10 map gauys;)

  4. Justine kyle says:


    Here in my country is feb 13

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. LavaCreeperPlayz says:

    SG please make a map based on mobile legends:bang bang it will be so awesome

  7. Anonymous says:

    Very cool

  8. Hecbro999 says:

    I like the map 😀

  9. TuberJay says:

    That was awesome!

    Although, perhaps you could also add Sky Wars or Bed Wars! 😀

  10. Gamergirl535 says:

    Amazing love playing Sg maps with my brother and sis! I played all of the sg maps!

  11. TheNoob says:

    IT SAID IM NOT invited…

  12. TheNoob says:

    But map is good, By good I mean AWESOME

  13. FayeKerPH says:

    How do i earn money from adfly?
    Where is the link of my file if i upload it on mediafire?
    Does it(adfly) need credit card to have an account?
    How do i get credit card if i dont have one?

    Coz i want to have some income.
    Im willing to post good maps or anything related to mcpe if i have an account.

  14. Christian says:

    The download key doesnt work anymore 🙁

  15. Anonymous says:

    I can’t seem to join the realm. It keeps saying I am not invited to play on this realm.

  16. Abderrahim says:

    Please invite me in the realam my name in minecraft is takib gamer 36

  17. DarkPower202 says:

    Too much lag lol

  18. Ayhem says:

    If you make a prison map which your main goal is to escape the prison and you should not be late on the routines or the security level will increase it would be great if you make a map like this
    And this map is so great

  19. Mr miner says:

    Also, please invite me to the realm my user name is Ewan Charlton

  20. CoppyCelery23 says:

    Why i can join on SG REALM?

  21. GamerzPlayz says:

    SG Make The Ferris Wheel can Be Ridden By Paying gold That Would be So Awesome.

  22. Jam says:

    Realm is always full😞

  23. Belated Racer says:

    Will you be updating the download? plz reply…

  24. Mega85 says:

    I try to press join but then it says i’m not invited

  25. Ben says:

    I tried to join the realm but it said “disconnect from server”. The map is cool.

  26. NguyenVN says:

    This good.But why are you remove skywar

  27. Aiden says:

    Hi SG please fix some of the games because some of them don’t work or could you please reply if you need more players

  28. Infinitephoen1x says:

    I’d like to see a server, I know you’ve made the realm, but I can’t access that, and a server would be great because you could combine all the SG maps and games. Also, I’d like to see something other than mini games, your maps have really good art. Thank you!
    P.s. on SG carnival, I was hoping that the Ferris wheel would move, by pistons or something. Pls make that happen!

  29. Infinitephoen1x says:

    Also pls invite me! I’m Infinitephoen1x 😉

  30. GamerzPlayz says:

    Why Did the death run cant be played?
    But When I Got Creative I Have Seen That the Comparator And Repeater Are Separated..Pls.FIX Pls. And What Is The Use Of HackerBox?

  31. XPAdventureYT says:

    Um I got banned from your guys server for no reason! All I did was kill annoying player in kit pvp with a bow! If you guys don’t think I deserved back we’ll ok. I worked hard on the games to get all my gold

  32. Anonymous says:

    I can’t download it though I really like the world.

  33. Slimeboy6665 says:

    You should have a safer system for buying items. I’ve had a few incidents where players have stolen my items by looking in the buying chest when I put in my gold. I’d suggest giving the items to the players via commands.

  34. LarsSLG says:

    This server is griefed…

  35. Cobi Seslar says:

    you have not been working on it but still top notch!

  36. DERPY Gamer says:

    I love it but someone named nothackingbud (ironic isn’t it) is hacking in the ditch v3 please kick him out everybody wants him out

  37. SG Games Fan says:

    Well, I hate first time from SG maps. I don’t understand it when Gold Party is active realm is gonna dead for 15 minutes. I tried on normal word Minecraft Windows 1o Edition closed. Please update it.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Please add a mini cops n robbers!


    Bro it says you need owners permission to join

  40. InceptionTime says:

    Nice realm

  41. RBLX_Challenger says:

    If ur up for it I have a challenge for you

  42. uterusvactilusprotectus says:

    plsssssss!!!!!add a find the button up to level 10

  43. ChomCharlie says:

    I love that !

  44. FuZzyCaTiE says:

    WOW it amazing map! Can you please add murder mystery? i will be the happiest guy in the world 🙂

  45. lolkidj452 says:

    pleaseeee murder mysteryyyyy

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