SG Murder Mystery [PvP] [Minigame]

Murder Mystery is an exciting minigame for 5 players or more. As soon as the game has started one of the players will be selected as the murderer. Their goal is to eliminate all other players in the game preferably without being detected. The other players have to avoid the murderer at all cost, or obtain a bow to take down the murderer themselves.

Creator: HongyiMCTwitter Account, YouTube Channel (Map Owner, Command Blocks)
Other Credits: SkyGames, Twitter Account (Pack Maker, Beta Tester, Command Block Coder, Feature Designer)
Updated: 24 May, 2018 (read changelog)

How to play?

You’ll need at least 5 players to start the minigame. Each round one player at random will be selected the murderer and have to kill all other players in the game. The rest of the players are innocents who have to try to collect gold in order to purchase a bow which they can use to protect themselves, or kill the murderer.

No one will know who is who as all name tags are hidden by default.

  • Innocents – Survive until the game ends or shoot the murderer with a bow. No one will know who the murderer is because everyone’s name tag is hidden.
  • Murderer – Kill everyone in the game to win the game! Make sure no one finds out it’s you! Your name tag is hidden as well.


  • New lobby (Hypixel)
  • AFK player bypass
  • Spectator mode
  • New player count method
  • Under 5 player mode
  • Shows alive player name
  • Tweaked the commands, made the map less laggy


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44 Responses

3.9 / 5 (30 votes)
  1. LightxXxGamerZ says:

    I really love all of the creations of SG

  2. KL4R says:

    I can not go into the creative mode (I would like to translate the map for the pvate use) which command block I have to destroy (coordinates for example)

    • HongyiMC says:

      Thanks for your feedback
      There is a redstone_block that is powering a command block that puts player in Gamemode 2
      Use /setblock 0 2 7 air to get rid of it
      Hope this helps 🙂

  3. DerpyJacob says:

    Hey! its the map of Murder Mystery in Hypixel its one of them haha love it!

  4. XPAdventureYT says:

    I’m sorry but shark games just released this wayyy before you…

    • Superslimeboy says:

      Sharkgames (now known as krakengames) has nothing got to do with hongyi and hongyi didnt copy sharkgames otherwise they wouldve copied the thousands of other murder mystery maps on pc. Its not copying!!! And just because krakengames released before hongyi, it doesnt change anything so stop whining and ranting.

  5. Redslimetime25 says:

    You literally stole our minigame from our realm :-/

  6. Redslimetime25 says:

    Guess who’s copying now? 😡

    • Superslimeboy says:


    • Cactus says:

      Then wheres you’re “Murder Mystery” now.

  7. WolfGirl says:

    I don’t like it because when I’m trying to go to creative mode it just puts it back to adventure mode and I hate it

    • HongyiMC says:

      Thanks for your feedback
      There is a redstone_block that is powering a command block that puts player in Gamemode 2
      Use /setblock 0 2 7 air to get rid of it
      Hope this helps 🙂

      • Zarozian says:

        I did that and I basically broke the glass so people could play outside of the building and in the town too, but then when I put the redstone block back in, the button wouldn’t press. =/

      • Zarozian says:

        No wait I figured it out. The other block next to it needs redstone too lol

  8. Jake says:

    Wow 👏👏

  9. PeterTheGolem says:

    Nice one! But you will need NO NAMETAG ADDON to make some fun on this map. 🙂

    • HongyiMC says:

      There is a built in No nametag addon in this map
      Make sure you enable it before you playing the game!

  10. TheBlueWarrior Gamer says:

    Can you do more maps from hypixel like Skywars, Bedwars, Murder Mystery. Please?

  11. Random guy says:

    Can you allow /gamemode c at spawn i would like to tweak the map slightly [make lobby bigger]

  12. SG Is Stoler says:

    Nice Copy, U Stole Idea From Hypixel :)))

  13. TheMST says:

    Will you add new map in a future?, SG

  14. KL4R says:

    How did you name that Ender Dragon?

  15. TheMST says:

    Is this map have timer? how long?

  16. Anonymous says:

    The game … crashed

    Version 1.2.5

  17. Anticopy says:

    Copyright Hypixel. You didn’t make this, you copied this to MCPE. Love the game, hate the stealing credentials.

  18. Uhhh Hi says:

    Hey! Great map :> but I have a question, how can i get rid of the fact that there HAS to be 5+ players? Tyy

  19. Aldrich07 says:

    Can you remake the map in PC Please I will place this to my server. Thanks if you did it

  20. Mcgamerm3 says:

    Great Map SG! I really want a baldi map could you guys make it?

  21. SpookedCow says:

    I like this, but how can i use floating text myself!?

  22. blackbob890 says:

    I love this game and I always have my friends come over on it. If traswen sees this he will know me.

  23. TJ says:

    make more hypixel muder mystery i love to map most library

  24. Zack says:

    Why SkyGames put the hypixel map on the SG zombies 3 not on the murder mystery

  25. Blue Kyurem says:

    How can i make floating text like in map?

  26. Brainiac Gaming says:

    Is there a ghost block there

  27. Supermeerk says:

    I know who the creator stole from it is from ROBLOX there is a game like this on roblox

  28. Levislayer28? says:

    Can you make more maps we can play on?

  29. Ruzzelldean says:

    How to start the game

  30. Ruzzelldean says:

    I dont know how to start the game i already have 5 players plz help me

  31. GamerMarcos says:

    Please help me i already have 5 player but i dont know how to start the game post a toturial please .i will give 5 star when i know how to start the game

  32. GamerMarcos says:

    How can i start the gane i already have 5 players??

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