SG Party Games (Minigames) [Minigame]

SG Party Games is a map which contains 9 different minigames and all of them can be played together with other players (max 10 players). It’s a really well designed map both in terms of the visual design and the game level mechanics.  Blast-OFF, Bow-Spleef and Pirates Cove are some of names for the games. In the future there will be more games such as Paintball and Capture The Flag.

Creator: SkyGamesTwitter Account

How to play?

Select an item from the shulker box to start a minigame. It’s recommended to use the classic UI in your game settings. This will let you preview each item before selecting the game to play.

All instructions you need are included in-game.

Here is a list of all games:

  • Pirates Cove: 2 – 10 players
  • Knock-Out: 2+ players
  • Bow-Spleef: 2+ players
  • TNT-Run: 1+ players
  • Blast-OFF: 2+ players
  • Sand Castles: 2 players
  • HoleInTheWall: 2 players
  • SkyWars: 2 – 4 players
  • Fall: 1 player



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45 Responses

4.31 / 5 (22 votes)
  1. Darryle says:

    I love all the games in the map. Maybe you can update it and add more games like hunger games

    • MCPE Fogz Gamez (SG Builder) says:

      That’s an amazing idea we will put that into consideration. Thank you for playing !

      • Infinitephoen1x says:

        I’d like to see a server, I know you’ve made the realm, but I can’t access that, and a server would be great because you could combine all the SH maps and games. Also, I’d like to see something other than mini games, your maps have really good art. Thank you!

  2. Redking says:

    Make so I you can get the info book back. And the map is super good I love it

  3. Redking12 says:

    Make so I can get the info book back it I lost it after playing TNT run. I love this map it’s great.

  4. Kauan296 says:

    Language:Portuguese / uma pergunta o mapa reseta automaticamente os minigames para poder jogar quantas vezes quiser?

  5. DROPER50000YT says:

    Lol! I was making one right now! You beat me to it and did a amazing job! 😀

    • Abudi says:

      Oh yea btw publish it they might still add it I will take it too just to get different games 🙂 I like when people doesn’t become angry or friendly some reason I like this site not to be crowded it just makes me feel special

  6. TheDJ says:

    Best Map Ever!

  7. Alyson Law says:

    I like the game

  8. _Her0br1n3_ says:

    Some games won’t start and glitch but I like the design of the map and games.

  9. Night Fury 1307 says:

    Cool! Also, first comment!!!

  10. CarryoutFlameYT says:

    Wow love this

  11. Holden says:

    Looks great 😊

  12. Commenter says:

    how did he get letter banners?

  13. Mcgamerm3 says:

    Sky games please note I’m making a map for 3 future Pokemon games the map will come out next month so when it comes out DO NOT MAKE ANYTHING OUT OF IT that’s including everyone to so the games will have gold/silver battle graphics and we hope to add 201 Pokemon in the first to games and the 3rd will add 50 more new Pokemon the demo we hope to come out in December/January so there’s the note (also if you want create out of it I can your guys group or join SDDEVLOPMENT just named that more maps will continue me soon)

  14. Mcgamerm3 says:

    Lol that part was not nessarcry at the END WHY DID I WRITE THAT 🙁

  15. Mega Games Kill says:

    Good Wor I Love This Thx For This Map
    I Love You 🙂

  16. QatorPlayzz says:

    tnt map is glitch it wont start even when i download the map again tnt runnis the only one wont start

  17. SkyGames says:

    Map Download Link Updated For 1.2.1:
    Fixed 1.2.1 setblock glitch which was stopping TNT Run from starting and Sand Castles from finishing.

  18. RedstoneCraft31 says:

    Plz… Fixed Error Command block
    If i play more 2 players i will be Error and
    i can’t click the game (in item in shulker box).
    And one more.. plz im 90% very laggy in skywars game

    Just like that i want to tell you

    5 rate for U.. the best map was i’ve ever seen..

    (Sorry for my bad English Because im from Indonesian. I learn how to speak English good)

  19. Anonymous says:

    I was enjoying the map when it broke. I was stuck infinitely at the bottom of the ‘Fall’ minigame. I went out of the world and back in and that fixed things. But when I went into TNT Run, the title stayed on the screen and nothing else happened. I could still move but the pressure plates weren’t being put in place. I reset the map and same thing happened. I’m not sure if this has to do with the new update, but I hope you can fix it, because this is a great map 🙂

  20. Anonymous says:

    It would be cool if you can play!

  21. MinoBanana says:

    Whenever I tap on a Minigame nothing happens

  22. GooBurger says:

    Very cool! Can you add Spleef please? I like spleef!

  23. GooBurger says:

    This map is so amazing! But it’s a little bit lagging on the Tnt run map! But best map ever!

  24. Quaid says:

    Make a cool horror map that’s related to lousiness of terror map good texture pack make something good and something to amaze me that don’t cause lags my phone don’t work well And my mom won’t buy me a new one so make on don’t cause no lags in crash 😄😄😄😄

  25. JohnnyRock199 says:

    none of the games are working. i just get teleported above an empty space and then i fall and die. any help?

  26. Mcgamerm3 says:

    Well the Pokemon games might come later next year or so me and my team might just start off with a old plan off ours Pokemobs (which is based off of element animations poke mobs video) Oh ya and there is mob battles WHICH WOULD BE so funny with a squid as the boss butt the ender dragon will be called dragosh and the wither will be called skullorn and those are the bosses (legendarys)

  27. Anonymous says:

    lags on skywars/tnt run :((

  28. Alan Tomathy says:

    Sounds good! If I get a realm as a present I might add this to it! Its like a server

  29. Andi says:

    I downloaded the map but its just a flat world

  30. xXMINECRAFGODXx says:

    I love this map but one glitch it wont let me play hole in the wall pls fix it.

  31. Graymran says:

    This map error

  32. Nether743 says:

    I like this map but i can’t download this map.
    In .McWorld and. ZIP

  33. Sum won says:

    Can someone give the mediafire link it wont work for me for some reason please

  34. Hehehe says:

    This game sucks cuz it’s sooooooo laggy and it’s boring when it’s not, ☹️

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