SG Perfect Pyramid Ep. 1 [Adventure] [Puzzle]

SG Pyramid is an adventure map full of confusion, and adventure. In the map you can run through a 5×5 hallway, solve puzzles, do parkour, and the best part; the dropper! The hallways are run by access to commands, and your movement throughout the map is tracked, and hallways will hide and appear according to your location. In a later update, you will be able to unlock 50 more hallways, and infinity room, and a lot more command-based things!

Creators: Pdtheyoutuber (Twitter), SkyGames Team (Twitter) (Website) (View all credits)



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18 Responses

3.73 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Shopvil says:

    TYSM!! I’ve been looking for a map like this!!😀😀😄

  2. Xavier says:

    When the amazing custom terrain maker teams up with the best bedrock edition game-maker…

    • Pdtheyoutuber says:

      I mainly designed this in Worldpainter with a few custom brushes. Thanks for the compliment! I’ll be sure to tell the leader that you said that!

  3. plays minecraft says:

    the mobs are really annoying, make it so you spawn with a sword

  4. anon says:

    very confusing, alot of the puzzles have no clear direction

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. _HappyFox_ says:

    Hey SG how about you make a new minigame that nobody made??? PILLOW FIIIIGHT!!!!!

  7. _HappyFox_ says:

    SG how ’bout u make a new minigame that nobody made???
    PILLOW FIGHT!!! (The map would be a big bed and make some things from your CS like map… (Forgot the name :D) cool puzzle map btw.

  8. dissappointed says:

    The jukebox puzzle is impossible when it’s confusing and you have 50 husks after you. Everything in this map is a pain because you have no weapons.

  9. Hong Ming says:

    Show me the command blocks so when I’m stuck I can actually tell what I’m supposed to do(by going in creative)

  10. Hunter says:

    I played this in a video but I was way to harsh about it. I feel like I was unfair. There were too many monsters and the map was unplayable because of the monsters. It is a really cool map!

  11. Taekook779 says:

    I couldnt figure anything out, a very confusing map. It was fun to destroy though…

  12. caylee says:

    very confusing map a little more direction could have been useful as we couldn’t get past level 2. if anyone has any hints or if they have compleated the map can they please make a walkthrough or reply as me and the other players that were playing got a bit frustrated. I very much like the concept of the map just very confusing. any help would be greatly appreciated

  13. Emily says:

    was horrible! we couldn’t get past level 2 (barely got past level 1). this is SUPER hard but damaging it is super fun! clues just as confusing as the whole map. There is this massive pyramid for literally nothing. Don’t recommend at all.

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