SG Quakecraft [PvP] [Minigame]

Quake-craft is the classic fast paced First Person Shooter! Teams battle it out in the death match mode.You will know when you have killed an enemy because a small +1 Item appears in front of you! Your team must gain of life points by killing enemies! When your life points reach 20, You win! Use your guns to shoot the enemy! [Cross-hair recommended! We do have a built in one though!] Have fun Cloudies!

Creators: SkyGames Team (Twitter) (Website) (View all credits)



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  1. Questions says:

    Was this map based off of the Hypixel minigame quakecraft? If so, it’s a pretty good recreation of the original Hypixel minigame.

  2. Don't Pirate Hypixel Give Credit says:

    They “Forgot” to mention that both this game and this map is taken directly from Hypixel. Honest credits please.

    • Wargamer_hero says:

      Lol. That name. It’s also been used by the same name and concept on Broken Lens. I don’t really know how the copyrights work for this, but I definitely know they are not the first person to use “Quakecraft” besides Hypixel. Most likely, no single individual has rights to the minigame.

  3. JosephGaming135 says:

    I feel like it;s becoming something somewhat normal for SkyGames to not actually credit the makers of some of their content. Now, most likely it’s just me lashing out without knowing all the information, but still it does feel like clearer credit should be given for things like these.

  4. Nerd says:

    The map is great I’ve been playing it with my brother lately. I don’t really care that the map was taken from Hypixel though.

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