SG Castle House Mansion – Vorstellen Keep [Creation]

This map features an amazingly built castle / mansion on the top of a big mountain. The mansion interior is empty but the outside is extremely stunning. The build was created by @evmanz1 and commissioned in part with the SG team.

Creators: SkyGames Team (Twitter) (Website) (View all credits)



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6 Responses

4.6 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. Rose Gamer says:

    Someone needs to put horror map”The Doll Maker”.

    • Gd exprut says:

      Yeah, that map was actually pretty good. The Dollmaker if you don’t know and are reading this is a horror map that takes about an hour to complete. Well at least for me.

  2. Shopvil_ says:

    Do you guys use a world editor in Minecraft Java to build then you import it to Minecraft Pocket Edition?

  3. Mcgamerm3 says:

    Can i make a skywars map out of this? Also amazing map 5 stars!

  4. PhantomPhoenixFlare says:

    Can I make a YouTuber video on putting redstone it your house?

  5. Jane says:

    This is the worst map ever 0 stars

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