SG Zombies 3 (Gun PvE) [Minigame] [PvP]

SG Zombies 3 is a PvE sequel of SG Zombies. In this map we have added guns from the Cloudy Warfare texture pack plus re-wrote the whole code so there is way less lag. It has also been created on an entire new map (By Hypixel: Transport) with 7 different zones and loads of gates to unlock. There are more cool features and the waves are also a whole lot harder. We also added a control room that once opened becomes the only zone spawning rooms.

Creators: SkyGames Team (Twitter) (Website): MCPEtraswen (Owner), FogzGamez (Co-Owner), Luma (Main Builder), GianZMC (Builder), McMCPE1234 (Tester), AmazingGamerPH (Renderer), DJTMGaming (Co-Owner), pattcosmics (Builder), deadmanplaysMC (Builder), LUIS6234 (Builder), Nikilas11 (Builder), HongyiMC (Programmer)


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9 Responses

4.8 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. Rage says:

    Wow so cool? I like it

  2. anonymous says:

    difficulty 2 on this map is harder than last level on last map

    • PoliceSoloist says:

      I was going through the creative menu and i saw stuff like: flash bang, Time bomb. Will those things be added in a future map?

  3. Taim says:


  4. Brisktheminer says:

    More pve maps pls

  5. MintyMoo09 says:

    this map is so awesome! my daughter and I have been playing it for hours and keep finding new things to make it all the more fun to play together 🙂

  6. MinecrafterBro5 says:

    Can u make ur own map and add an eastereggbon sgz 4

  7. Cobi Seslar says:

    I would like it more if it had the texture pack

  8. EnderGamer25 says:

    I think SG Zombies 2 is more cooler cuz, this map have no textures. Second, when i buy the “Pump Action Shotgun” whatever that is, it teleports me to the wall… plsss fix… 🙂

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