-1618472320: Shipwreck Surrounded by Corals Near Spawn (Beta Only)

In this seed you’ll spawn right next to a big and extraordinary ocean. Go for a swim into the far depths of the ocean and you’ll find an almost intact shipwreck surrounded by a plentiful of beautiful corals in all colors you can possibly imagine. It’s a great seed to try out if you want a quick way to explore some of the new ocean features which are coming in the Update Aquatic.

Found by: JPlaysPETwitter AccountYouTube Channel

The spawn is admittedly kind of normal (and boring), but the actual truth is that not far away from spawn there are plenty of corals and also a shipwreck with a treasure chest.

The shipwreck is the main point of interest and what’s really cool about this particular wreck is that it is almost intact.

Coordinates: 482 48 43

Another key feature of the shipwreck is also the treasure chest which contains a treasure map.

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8 Responses

4.25 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. JPlaysPE says:

    hope you guys like this Seed! one of my favorites

  2. Stavinair says:

    Nice find! Did you encounter this seed by chance?

  3. Hosting says:

    Thank you SOOO much!😊

  4. jen says:

    Thanks! I Was Doing A Video I Didn’t Finish, When This Update Didn’t Come Out. I Tried Out The Beta, But, I Abandoned The Video. I Couldn’t Find A Shipwreck So, Thanks Again!

  5. RascallyGoose49 says:

    I Have the experimental gameplay on but nothing spawned

  6. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t work 4 beta test

  7. Memes says:

    The ship didn’t spawn

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