Shipwreck Survival Island [Survival]

The survival map takes place on a small survival island where you are shipwrecked and have to survive. There are some custom built buildings already there which you can pretend you’ve built and use as a start.

Resources have been added by the map creator to make survival easier and also guide you in ways to better survive the difficulties of being stranded on an island.

On the Island

  • Structures
  • Blocks (like iron)
  • Underground tunnels, mineshafts and caves
  • Wolf spawn egg so you don’t have to be completely alone
  • Dungeons


For the last decade have you worked as a captain on your own fishing boat traveling the seas of Minecraft and earning your daily bread. Two days ago your ship was caught on fire when the assistant cook tried to fry some eggs. You managed to put out most of the fire but all of your crew fled. Some jumped over board and other left in lifeboats. As a result of not having anyone to help you steer the ship it got wrecked on an island.

You have now settled down on the island and realized you probably have to stay there for a while and survive by any means.

Creator: FaiDhi

Screenshot_2014-12-27-00-19-27 Screenshot_2014-12-27-00-29-14 Screenshot_2014-12-27-00-30-46download

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  1. Allen says:

    The download leads to a texture pack! Did you put up the wrong download?

  2. Kurtis says:

    Pls do .mcworld I don’t want to use a computer

  3. ??? says:

    Why is this an apk?

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