ShortFun [Roller Coaster]

In the ShortFun map you will be experiencing a roller coaster which primarily includes a hallucinating experience as the rooms the cart will pass are made out of colorful blocks and have been built in symmetrical patterns. It’s a short ride which only last for a few minutes but yet enjoyable if you are into what we previously mentioned.

Creator: SheepSkin, Twitter Account

screenshot-2015-06-19-13-03 screenshot-2015-06-19-13-02_2 screenshot-2015-06-19-13-02


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2 Responses

  1. bbs says:

    can you make a .mcworld file

    • CrazyLeopard128 says:

      No point, it’s an old world anyway, the tracks aren’t powered. I think it was probably made in a version where redstone wasn’t in the game.

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