Sieve Mod

This mod adds a sieve to the game which can be used for sifting sand, gravel and dirt. It’s an alternative way for obtaining valuable items like iron ingot instead of going out there to mine ores. The Sieve Mod is still in its early stages of development and as a result there’s quite a few bugs to be expected. But hopefully that’s something the developer will address in the upcoming future.

Creator: Tilnoene

How to use a sieve?

Currently it’s only possible to obtain the sieve item by using the creative inventroy or spawning the item using a mod such as X-Commands.

  • Sieve/Sifter (Peneira) (ID: 500)

Tap on the ground with the item to place it down on the ground. For some reason the textures look bugged sometimes. Add some sand, gravel or dirt to the sieve. Then use an empty hand to start sifting it.


Sometimes, if you are lucky, you will get some valuable items. In this case I got a bunch of iron ingots.


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  1. raihan dirgahayu pratama says:

    umm,editor do you have mediafire link? ,cause i can’t skip this adf ly ?

  2. NewtonMCPE says:

    I not able to make work something miss when I started game said it error something missed and unable read version

  3. Der says:

    ID like this,

  4. Dawn says:

    Not very good

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