Simply Beautiful PE [128×128]

Simply Beautiful PE is a ported texture pack from the PC version of Minecraft. It’s a high resolution pack (128×128) which makes it amazingly detailed and less pixelated than compared to the original textures of Minecraft (16×16). It definitely makes the graphic design in Minecraft PE look more fun. Have a look at the images and you will see what we mean by that.

Ported by: Iden Dark, Twitter Account
Creator: Sparkelz99 (original PC textures)

simply-beautiful-5 simply-beautiful-3 simply-beautiful-1 simply-beautiful-2


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14 Responses

  1. TheRedDiamond08 says:

    Is this compatible via MCPE 0.15.0?

  2. LeeAm says:

    … 0.15.0?!?! When it released?!?!

    • Editor says:

      They have just released an alpha of 0.15.0 and it’s just to test Realms. Basically Mojang’s on solution for hosting servers. The pistons and other features (which I think) should be introduced in 0.15.0 are still not added.

  3. LeeAm says:

    Btw…when i import da texture pck the block launcher just crashed ,and i tried to modify the zip file i deleted all of the modified item the items.meta the tga it finally works but so suck when u see da items is still original but the texturepack? Wow… Mc version 0.14.0 b6 and the block launcher latest beta

    • Tony Maverick says:

      Did u follow the install guide correctly? Also, don’t modify anything. The Minecraft now is at version 0.14.1 for ur info.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is this compatible with 0.14.2

  5. PhantomBro says:

    Is this work for 0.15.0 iOS???

  6. bomby3 says:

    how do I install texture packs for minecraft windows10 edition??? contact me through skype name:CARMEN VARCA (all caps) my profile photo is a poo emoji pillow

  7. Eemunni says:

    Are this compatible via 0.17.0?

  8. XSouLWindX says:

    Can we change this to .mcpack?

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