Category: Fantasy

Hooded Wizard (Female)
A hooded female wizard.
By: Assassiner 003
Medieval Wizard (Male)
A hooded wizard.
By: Assassiner 003
A powerful deity of some kind.
By: Destiny Gene
A robotic cyborg suit.
By: BlackFlash_IXI
Dark Knight
Some type of creature dressed in a dark purple armor.
By: _BannedPvP_
A noble knight wearing a full body iron armor.
By: SkinyGuy
A machine suit for the future.
By: Luis
Environmental Suit
A safety suit which should be worn in space or other places where protection is vital.
By: zandinavian
Donald Suit
By: Donald Duck dressed up in a nice black suit.
Red Samurai
A samurai wearing a red outfit.
By: ABigFatTomato