Category: Games

One of the characters in FNAF.
By: Aegeah
One of the characters from The Last of Us game.
By: ImDumbDumb
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong is a game character.
By: Legoskeleton
Master Chief (Halo)
The main protagonist in Halo.
By: RuotaCheGira
Sans (Underswap)
Sans is one of the characters in Undertale.
By: Blueberry Sans546
T51-b Power Armor
An armor suit in the Fallout games.
By: ArthurB
Ash Ketchum
The main character in Pokémon.
By: DatMuffinMan
The male player character in Pokémon Emerald.
By: Seth_Reed
Pokémon Trainer
Team Valor!
By: Drakeh
Isaac Clarke
A character in Dead Space 3.
By: XyaMorph