Category: Movies

LGM Alien (Toy Story)
One of the characters in one of the Toy Story movies.
By: VLCast
The king of the jungle.
By: diehard445
Neo is the main character in the Matrix movies.
By: Cipher_Punk
This is the main character in Disney's animated movie called Moana. (3 pixel arms)
By: FennecFox
Benny (Spaceman)
Benny from The Lego Movie
By: PixelCrash_
Katniss Everdeen
One of the characters in The Hunger Games movies.
By: FennecFox
Red Bird
One of the main characters in the Angry Birds movie.
By: StarOfMcGamer
The Joker
The Joker is an infamous villain in the Batman comics and in The Dark Knight movie.
By: RancorDrama1
Tony Montana
Tony Montana is the main character and mafioso in the Scarface movie.
By: NordicKnight
Mech Suit
The Mech Suit which Batman wears in the Batman V Superman movie.
By: Oliver Read