Category: Sports

Sumo Wrestler
Become a sumo wrestler!
By: Insanity
Lebron James
A famous basketball player.
By: Mrazneb
NFL Player
An NFL player who plays for the New York Giants.
By: Kefka
Mario Balotelli
An Italian professional soccer player.
By: Unknown
Watch out! This guy knows karate.
By: Unknown
A Brazilian soccer player.
By: Basameda
Thomas Müller
Soccer player who plays for the German national team and Bayern Munich.
By: skywalker3313
Mesut Özil
A famous soccer playing who plays for the English club Arsenal and the German national team.
By: Cocoloco
Cristiano Ronaldo
A Portuguese professional soccer player.
By: JoFF93
Muhammad Ali
World famous boxer.
By: LilFella