Skrimville [Creation]

Skrimville is possibly the largest and most realistic medieval city created for Minecraft Pocket Edition. It has been created over a period of three years and the result is just mind-blowing. Everything in the city have been built with an extraordinary attention to detail. Even the interiors have furniture and there are more than enough to explore in the map.

Creator: shrimp1970Twitter Account

Check out Swampton and Skrimville – it’s an updated version of this map!

It’s a large medieval city consisting of two castles, a large cathedral and lots of other structures. A large wall surrounds all parts of the city defending it from possible enemies and monsters.


In the center of the city you will find a portal which leads to the Nether.


A river connects the city with the water. This allows boats to come to the city very easily.


One of the bigger buildings in the city is the cathedral. The interior is just as majestic as the exterior. It’s nice to see that all interiors in the entire city is decorated with furniture.


Behind the walls of the city there are many other houses. They are situated here because they are considered a less importance for the city. Here you can find smaller cottages and farms.


The attention to detail is just incredible. It’s best seen by having a look at the walls and connecting bridges. They look absolutely amazing and something you’d expect see in a realistic medieval city.


Here is an overview of the entire city (excluding the structures behind the walls). There are tons of the structures in the city and everything have been built to fit nicely with the existing terrain.


The file size for this map exceeds 100 MB. It might take quite some time for you to download it!

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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86 Responses

4.6 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. MMWO says:

    Oh my god thats one of the best maps here in mcpe

  2. Imogen says:

    Woah! That castle is WELL COOL

  3. Carli says:


  4. ZomboidInvasion says:

    Editor PLZ tell me which Way To the big city I spawned at a Big house but where’s the city

    • Editor says:

      Look for a walking path or something which looks like landmarks and then go in that direction until you reach the city. Don’t forget to change render distance to max.

  5. Kylee says:

    How do I set it to work in mc? I downloaded it but I can’t get it to work in mc

  6. Erttyuw says:

    Pixelemon is awesome

  7. Mumuu says:

    What is the nicest house in the big village? Also are there other places outside the walls such as the pyramid?

  8. Saga says:

    Can I use this map to make another cration?
    It’s so cool!

    I’ll use js mod to make rpg game.

    (Sorry, I cant’t do Engish well 🙁 )

  9. Chase says:

    awesome!!! makes me feel like a lord just like aphmau!!!!! been looking for this!!!!!!! aahhh!!! so excited!!! downloading it as we speak!! asap!!!

  10. ThePlayer3156 says:

    Please make it a .mcworld! That would be awesome!

  11. iisilveraph says:

    Hello! I’m jjust requesting can you make it .mcworld! Please it would be fun!

  12. StarWarsCentral says:

    This map looks absolutely stunning!! I’m on 0.16.0 and was wondering if the map creator could give us a .McWorld file?

  13. PetertheMinion says:

    I want to get this on IOS :,(

  14. Shrimp Mcpe/shrimp1970 says:

    Hi guys just happened to be searching to see where my creation has ended up, and I’m stunned to see it all over the place! Thanks for your very kind comments! I’m sorry about the spawning point. If you use a compass it will take you back to the first build at the castle walls. I’m not sure what a .mcworld is but if I can do it I will. The pyramid is located through a long tunnel under the first castle at the initial spawning point there is a small door way around the side of the castle bit tricky to find! And takes 5 mins to travel there:) there are a few hidden places that you can find. Hope you all enjoy, currently working on a second city on the same map in a swamp so keep your eyes peeled! Will update you tube channel Shrimp mcpe soon to show where some of the features are and post some of my new creation. Take care all

  15. Shrimp Mcpe/shrimp1970 says:

    You can download also from my you tube channel shrimp mcpe for IOS cheers have fun

  16. Dylandao says:

    Is not work when I with .mcworld, is just say importing world but didn’t load the world in, can you please check it??

  17. Anonymous123 says:

    I would love to have this map and I can download it except one thing, when I click “open in minecraft PE”, it’s importing the world and when it’s almost done, it goes back to my minecraft world page and the map isn’t there and it didn’t show the “building terrain” screen.
    I’m on iOS v0.16.2 with loads of gigabytes available lol

  18. Bbgniela says:

    The .mcworld link isn’t working for me, whenerver I click in the open in Minecraft button, the world starts downloading and whenever its done it just puts me in the menu .

  19. iOS Warrior says:

    Is there anything built in the nether?

  20. Jackie says:

    Why I can’t download on .mcworld ,it’s importing but then after finish I got back to the menu

  21. Anonymous says:

    I can not get this map to download on my iPad even though it is a Mcworld. I know it will take a while because it takes lots of space, but it has sat for over a day with me trying to get it to download and it has done nothing. I was wondering if there was anything you could do to fix it.

  22. Mineman says:

    I can’t get this on my iPad. It has sat for over a day trying to download and gone NOWHERE. I know it will take a while but I don’t think it should take this long. I was wondering if the map creator could fix it.

  23. Mineman says:

    I can’t get this to download on my iPad. I know it takes lots of space, but it has sat for over a day and gotten nowhere on the download. I was wondering if the map creator could fix it.

  24. Neneb says:

    Hello! Can’t wait to play on this map, but it almost finishes saying importing world on mcpe then it just cancels itself. Please help me with that. Thanks!

  25. DanSMCraft says:

    Cool Shrimp MCPE

  26. jforrGamesYT says:

    Great build! really enjoyed it and I might use it for a custom series. U think you can add a Nether brick castle in the nether?

  27. CRAZYGAMER says:

    It is a bit to big for my iPhone!

  28. Shrimp Mcpe/shrimp1970 says:

    I will add castle in the nether in new download that includes a new town/city built in a swamp should be done in January thanks for your comments very much appreciated!

  29. Elle says:

    Editor why can’t I get it again I got it then deleted it and it would not load this time

  30. Olvmakerer says:

    I don’t be think it’s fixed because when I try to download this map on McPe it goes to importing world then just stopps and won’t download this world please can you fix it?

  31. Lolz says:

    Hello good editor pls help me this map looks amazing…but I cant download it…I tried the zip file I waited till its all done it didnt give me anything…same with the mc.pack…can you probly help…I tried everything I could.

  32. XxCool_MiaxX says:

    I can’t download a thing from this website please help

  33. CoolCat says:

    I am having a problem, the mediafire downloaded isn’t working have have waited and waited but I won’t download can you help me?

  34. Thk says:

    Is there a throne?

  35. DerpCraft says:

    Finally a good castle. THUMBS UP FOR THE MEDIEVAL CITY 👍👍👍

  36. Cadthegreat says:

    I think it needs a big prison, if there is one tell me where it is 👍

  37. SavageDabber says:

    Hey editor, what is the main castle, like for the king, queen, and royale family?

  38. Shrimp Mcpe/shrimp1970 says:

    Hi Cadthegreat there is a prison, it’s next to the secondary castle to the south of the town, or next to the only Archway on the southern wall. The building has 5 towers with a guard tower in the middle hope this helps, thanks for commenting 😀

  39. Shrimp Mcpe/shrimp1970 says:

    Hi SavageDabber, the main castle was meant to be the one next to the lake cheers!

  40. YaBoi says:

    Love It!

  41. XXxAlpha_GamerxXX says:

    Noooo it won’t download for me when I press download it freezes and only once it was almost done ☹️☹️💔

  42. Shrimp Mcpe/shrimp1970 says:

    Hi, I’m wondering if anyone can help me. I’m having trouble making a .mcworld. I have the world map on my desktop ( I’m using iOS) is it as simple as zipping the file and renaming it .mcword. I did make a file uploaded it to media fire. The download was a success and it said it imported it into mcpe but the world didn’t show up on the world map list. Just wondering what I’ve done wrong. Cheers happy building

  43. Shrimp Mcpe/shrimp1970 says:

    Just to say I’ve obviously followed the tutorial on site, but I can’t get it to work.. I’m using a iOS to zip maybe this is the problem!

    • Editor says:

      I have created the mcworld files if that’s what you meant. I created an entire new post for it. You can find it on the front page.

  44. Shrimp Mcpe/shrimp1970 says:

    Thank you very much for creating.mcworld for me. I was trying to do it myself so as to put it on my you tube channel but I’ll just link it to you site.,,,.epic fail on my part:)))

  45. Fluffythethird says:

    Can you tell me where is the pyramid? I still don’t find it plz help me

  46. The Minecraft lover says:

    When in trying to download it on iOS it just loading and loading and loading in SOOOOOOOOOOOOO LONG TIME

  47. The Minecraft lover says:

    I cant download it on iOS!

  48. Chris says:

    This is one of the best maps I’ve ever seen, it’s so huge it took me 3 days to explore the map. Also I like the random stuff in the chests

  49. Chris says:

    It takes around 10mins to download this map on my iPad, but it depends on your internet connection and can take Much more than 10 min

  50. Anya says:

    This map looks so ridiculously huge and I know it took you years to build it so I really wanted to download it on Pocket Edition on my iPad in McWorld so I pressed “Download in McWorld” but it didn’t work. I kept on tapping and tapping and it still didn’t work. I then tried to copy the map to Pocket Edition and that didn’t work either. Editor, please help me. I really want this map.

  51. Dat person says:

    Amazing map! I would give it 100,000,000,000,000,000/5 if I could.

  52. Emma says:

    Hey I have a question! How long should the world or download take? Mine is taking forever! I really want to see it!! Could someone tell me please?

  53. Emma says:

    Omg!! I can’t wait to see it! But the download is taking forever! It’s been over 4-5 hours and it’s only at 50%! I hope it’s worth my wait! I still can’t wait to see!! I hear it’s amazing!

  54. Jason bui 1929828283 says:

    Nice map

  55. Does this map fully furnished??
    Just asking…
    Btw great map

  56. Luke says:

    Hi creator or editor pls read this every time I try to doanload it takes so long and I been waiting for half an hour

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