Skyblock PE [Survival]

Skyblock is a very popular map for Minecraft on PC. It has hundreds of thousands of downloads there and is expected to reach the same numbers on Pocket Edition soon.

Far up in the sky is a floating island built. It’s only a few blocks in size with a tree and a chest on top. From here you have to survive as long as you can on the skyblock. By using the items found in the chest and carefully using the tree in a clever way (such as destroying some of the leaves to try and find apples) and such it is possible.

See how long you can make it on the island! Perhaps you manage to expand it and create a self sustainable city in the future.



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55 Responses

  1. jmanofeight says:

    how do u import the world into Minecraft pe?

    • Kris berry says:

      I don’t know

    • Austin says:

      Go to downloads -> select file you downloaded -> tap extract -> go to file manager-> find the extracted files-> select file-> tap move -> go to internal storage-> games-> com.mojang->worlds -> tap move.

      If done correctly you should see map in minecraft app.

    • InfinitGamer101 says:

      press windows key+r > type %userprofie% > app data > local > packages >
      Microsoft.MinecraftUWB… > minecraftworlds > open up new file explorer > locate the map u want in downloads > open the folder > drag the folder inside to the minecraft worlds > open up minecraft win10 edition > if done correctly it will be there

  2. Alastair says:

    Is this skyblock infinite if not can we plz have a 0.9.4 infinite skyblock

  3. chris says:

    When i went to the sand skyblock it just fell

    • Editor says:

      Perhaps it didn’t have time to load all the items. Try respawning at the same location multiple times.

    • sarah says:

      its meant to happen u have to build a plat form underneath the sand so when the sand falls u land on that plat form

      I hope this worked for you

  4. Kris berry says:

    How do you download a map

  5. jayson says:

    I need to know how do you play sky block on minecraft pocket edition version 0.9.5 alpha how

  6. Luis says:

    how do you play skyblock on minecraft pe

  7. Brooke says:

    I have an ad mini and when I press download it puts it on my i file and it won’t let me play your map I even looked at the game to see if the map was there. How do you do it with the iPad mini?

  8. Bobby Wilson says:

    Can you put a seed so I can get it

  9. kkeon says:

    download erroe 401

  10. Liana says:

    I love the map so much plus I love Skyblock it’s REALY FUN!!!!! My score would be 100 out of 100

  11. Haigamer says:

    I downloaded the server but it had some non-void normal chunks.

  12. I can’t download it. What do I do now????

  13. mlpcraftables says:

    ummmm……… im on pe how does it work uhhhhh yesh

  14. Laura says:

    How do you get gold blocks for the nether reactor?

    • Laura says:

      Are you even able to go to the nether? If I cheat me the gold blocks, will I get something there? And why is there the nether reactor block if you can’t use it?

  15. Dani says:

    Does this download work for kindle, because it’s not working. :/

  16. Steveo says:

    i’m loving the map, but i can’t get my sappling to grow. am i being impatient or has anyone else had a problem like this… seems a bit buggy though as i’ve been waiting three or four – minecraft- days.

    • Editor says:

      Growing Tree Requirements:
      1. Sunlight (only glass can cover a tree from the sun)
      2. 4 blocks of space above it

      • Austin says:

        1) sunlight hitting sapling cannot be blocked by nontransparent blocks.

        2) 4+ Blocks above the tree to grow.

        3) Most important: at least 5 blocks away from other trees and/or construction site.

        4) Bonemeal 😉

  17. Pizza ? Man stay safe kids!! says:

    How do u get it on u phone tho what the ip?

  18. Kingkels12 says:

    Hey is it all right if i use this map as a base line for a huge map project im working at ??? I will leave your credits

    • Editor says:

      I think it’s fine as long you leave the creator credits for it.

      • Kingkels12 says:

        Ok so will i say : Please note i did not make the island or the void i have built on to it and the real maker is the Editior
        I just built on to it.

        • Editor says:

          No, I didn’t create this map. Skyblock is a very popular map which has been existed for a long time. I don’t really know who the original creator of this map is but I don’t think you will ever run into any problems by using it.

  19. Jake says:

    Is the nether the actual skyblock nether? or is it the real nether?

  20. GamerzPe says:

    How do you make the skyblock teach me plss

  21. ZacTDS says:

    I press the download button but I don,t know what to do next

  22. InfinitGamer101 says:

    I opened the minecraft world and as soon as it loaded minecraft crashed D; how to fix plz

  23. Vapour38 says:

    It won’t work-can you please give me the .zip file plz

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