SkyBlock [Survival]

SkyBlock is one of the most popular maps created for Minecraft: Java Edition. There are several different versions of SkyBlock already existing for Bedrock Edition, but this map appears to be one of the first real ports of the original map. It spawns you on a tiny island in a world with nothing but endless void around you. On the island you’ll find a chest, a tree and some other basic blocks to get your started on this survival challenge.

Ported by: skylord_wars
Creator: Noobcrew (Original Java Map)

Here’s some proof that the world is ported to a natural world. If you travel far enough in one direction you’ll eventually reach normal terrain. However, if you want to stay true to the original SkyBlock challenge then you should avoid exploring that part.

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47 Responses

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  1. YTDiamondking says:

    Great map! LOVED IT. Make more awesome maps.

  2. Kenaresthus says:

    Why spawn point set on void, you can’t respawn/die on respawn

  3. adam says:


  4. Anonymous says:


  5. skylord_wars says:

    There is a problem occurs in the Nether. The chest is the Nether should contain a birch sapling, a sugar cane and an ice. I will soon update the map.

  6. FernandoVedal says:

    Nothing in the nether chest….There is no second ice block in the nether so this is not an accurate port of the first map. Without the second block of ice it’s NEAR impossible to achieve half the goals without A) building a bridge to the mainland for extra resources (cheating) or B) Crafting a cauldron out of iron which take near forever without infinite water.

    If the creator of this map added the block of ice back to the chest in nether than it would accurate.

  7. skylord_wars says:

    If you use the .mcworld world, you will get birch saplings, sugar canes, cows and others. If you use the .zip world, you don’t get these items.

  8. skylord_wars says:

    Updated, TY

  9. Steve_ASD says:

    Very classical and good skyblock map. Some things that you can change is to: 1) make it without snow, annoying to break ice 2) add sheeps, how am i required to make about 80 types of wool just by using strings? 3) rly? Spawnpoint in the void?

    Dear haters, there is only 3 islands because it is classical, like title is saying. Source of food you can get from pumpkin and melon, found in nether. Cows can give you meat. By use of bones, you can grow grass which can give us seeds. If you didnt found block of ice, then its a glitch because I found. If you are noobs at skyblock, that not autors fault.

  10. NubFix says:

    Great map!

  11. Alex_08232 says:

    Thank you so much!

  12. TheGrassySceptile says:


  13. epicdad843 says:

    Am I dumb because I only see the spawn island and the sand island

  14. Magistrate says:

    Great map. Editor, can you terraform this map into the old regular biome because I’m sick and tired of freezing water. Please think of another idea. Great map though 🙂

  15. Yeddiker says:

    How do you get flint and steal to light the portal?


      Make a portal by starting a fire with your lava and have it spread to wood blocks on the opposite end of the portal. It may take time and practice and maybe a YT tutorial but its not too hard once you get it

    • Skyblock says:

      I did it in one go!1

  16. Magistrate says:

    Oh k. BUT WHERE IS THE PUMPKINS?! Maybe u can add them?

  17. Bentot says:

    I Love this Map

  18. HirwrC says:

    Is it ok that chest in Nether is empty? BTW there should be better position of islands (they are in snowy biome and it’s pretty annoying to still destroy that snow) but still very well made map. Really enjoying it 🙂

  19. Aiden says:

    I could easily just make this it’s totally usless

  20. Dog lover says:

    What do you do when you get to other island?
    Please answer I want to finish game but idk if it’s finish or not?

  21. Dog lover says:

    What do you do? And person who said you could make this it’s useless. Your wrong and rude, (you can like try and make it and stuff but that’s rude)

  22. FreeJAC says:

    Great map but where is the end portal? i dont recall if the orig. had it or not. It’s been a few years lol.

  23. LilMinionBoy724 says:

    This map is ok I guess?
    It has all the skyblock features but there is one problem that must be fixed…
    Plz make it into a plains biome typed skyblock because the water for my cob gen keeps freezing every minute and I kept on dying from the lava. I played several other skyblock maps and it was fine with the cob gen


    Thanks I actually enjoyed the map

  24. Aiken says:

    I LOVE IT!!! It’s so accurate to the original! After all these years, my dream of playing Skyblock on the go has finally come true. I was a little skeptical at first, because of the snow and cow spawn eggs, but these are minor changes that easily make the experience better. Thanks!

  25. camazxc says:

    This is the best minecraft sb map,because it is the original,so i really like it!
    Thank you so much 😍

  26. ItzMineTenPlayz says:

    tree wont grow its been 10 minustes and they still wont i need help

  27. Matt says:

    1.7.0 — Only polar bears and rabbits for passive spawns. I assume thats why there are cow spawn eggs? Is it possible to grow the grass to a biome that will spawn chickens and sheep? Also, what’s the reason for the bedrock block? I assume the sandstone is bc you couldn’t make the sand float (didbyou try 2-high flowers then piston the bottom once in place), but the bedrock is confusing (and less usefull than dirt).

    • Matt says:

      I see that the bedrock block was original. I thought that maybe there was a height component to phantoms because they didn’t spawn until after I built a house (y70), but maybe it takes longer than 3 nights in Bedrock edition? I’m currently staying under full blocks at night (or in the nether). My mob spawner is slow, so it will be a long time before I get a bed as I still haven’t had any passive mobs besides bunnies and polar bears.

      • Matt says:

        So, once the mob farm was going a bed was easy, but still no sheep have spawned so the wool challenges will be impossible (still only rabbits and polar bears). It seems like the strays don’t have armor as much as the skeletons from strays but it might just be the slow rates. After a lot of time, I still don’t have an ingot to my name. It’s a bummer you need shears to make snowmen these days. Ive glitched through blocks into the void like 4 times when loading the game. Be sure you are on a full block when you save, preferrably on the second floor. PS Phantoms won’t bother you if you build below “sea level”.

      • Matt says:

        Oh, I’m getting no spawns n the nether. Maybe not enough area was cleared and mobs on land fill the density cap?

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