SkyCraftPE [Survival]

SkyCraftPE is a survival map consisting of five floating islands in sky. You will start out on the larger island in the center and by gathering resources the goal is to find your way across to the other islands. For example, you could use the resources like wood you get from the trees to create bridges connect all the islands and build the necessary structures to support a larger community populated by yourself, animals and perhaps other players.

Creator: Joloham, Twitter Account

skycraftpe5 skycraftpe3 skycraftpe2 skycraftpe1


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1 Response

  1. SuperGamer3304 says:

    This map was fun but there wasn’t much to do, I completed it in a matter of minutes…
    The maker should make I more things to do or it’ll just get boring. Not saying that it was, it probably took time to build. But as said, there wasn’t much to do, more things to do needed in the map!!

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