SkyGrid PE

SkyGrid was originally made by SethBling (a YouTube celebrity) and ported to MCPE by spl1tr. In SkyGrid all blocks are separated one block one another. The goal is as in the usual Minecraft to survive and build things and all this obviously get a lot harder when having to gather resources and alike and continuously risking the fact you may fall down to your ultimate death and to start over. As you build it obviously get easier though.



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7 Responses

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  1. AliHussainRmdn924 says:

    I like this map because this map is so cool like skyblock

  2. YoloWizard124 says:

    Can you make a .mcworld file please so I can download on iOS

  3. lolbit says:

    me want plez

  4. lolbit says:

    me want plez

  5. sucks says:

    Wont work just loads to the loading screen and crashes :/

    • Th3Emilis says:

      It’s because the OLD version of MCPE in what was ported. Try “WorldToPe” which is a paid app on Google Play and convert the original world (by SethBling) to MCBE (Minecraft Bedrock Edition).

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