SkyWars [PvP] (1.0.5 Only!)

Skywars is a multiplayer map which combines skyblock with PvP. Players will spawn on different islands and have to use whatever resources they find to be the last player standing. The gameplay area is limited to eight small islands and one main island. On the main island you’ll be able to find much better items so you gotta be quick to get there first!

Creator: AutoGrind, Twitter Account
Updated: 25 March, 2017 (read changelog)

How to play?

Players will automatically teleport to their individual island. There they will find a chest with some items. The main objective is to be the last player alive and that will involve killing other players.

One of your priorities should definitely be to find a way over to the main island since there you will be able to find lots of useful treasures.


  • New chest items
  • Some cosmetic changes
  • Optimized redstone (less lag)
  • More commands but also simplified
  • Render distance, 8 chunks, will load all redstone

Important: This map requires version 1.0.5+ for Minecraft Pocket Edition! Android users can sign up for the beta here!

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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25 Responses

5 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. LeoKills says:

    Everything is now 1.0.5, like can you guys give the IOS and Windows 10 players some cool things too, instead of everything being 1.0.5, thanks, -LeoKills

  2. Corbenader 22 says:

    Now all we need is a bed Wars!

  3. Minecraftpro268 says:

    Awesome map but sadly I’m on iOS so I have to wait, but could you create a bed wars using command blocks by any chance? If you do thank you so much it will make my day 🙂

  4. AutoGrind says:

    Thanks for the feedback guys,I’ll be updating this again soon. Also working on bedwars. For any iOS users download and wait for the update!

    • Trey says:

      May I have perms to edit then repost this map as a bedwars? I will include credits to you for creating the original map

  5. MLGadventures says:

    Can you make a pink sheep village 😍

  6. NFGamerMC says:

    Editor try this when your are uploading MediaFire Files,
    1. Share File
    2. Get Link
    3. Add the work “gaming” after the word MediaFire so that “” looks like “” and it will be mc themed

    • Editor says:

      Whow, that’s a .. weird/cool feature!

      • NFGamerMC says:

        Yes, can you start doing it to your MediaFire Links? It would make the Map/Add-on more attractive.

      • Anonymous says:

        Dear Creator of this map,
        I played this map over and over with my friends and we had a great time. A suggestion of another map you could make is cops and robbers. I’ve always wanted someone to make that and after seeing this amazing map I knew you have the abilities to do so. Thanks so much if you do!

  7. Kasra says:

    Can you make like an addon to come with this too so we can play on singleplayer with enemy bots?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Dear creator of this map,
    Could you please make a cops and robbers map?? That would be so epic!! My friends and I really want someone to make one and after downloading and playing this map for hours I thought maybe you wouldn’t mind me asking

  9. HMSPlayzMC says:

    Can I Ask Permission To Use this map as skywars like on servers? Im Gonna Add Commands For The Map If Yes Pls Reply I Can Also Make The Commands For Bed Wars Just Reply To Me 🙂

  10. TheMightyHisez says:

    Too great.

  11. B30 says:

    Auto Grind can you make a bed Wars map
    Using command blocks and these commands
    /setblock ~ ~ ~ to set ores so players can get the diamonds, gold, iron, and emerald
    /clone so you can reset the map
    /give @p stone pick axe
    And a whole bunch of others
    Maybe use this website:

  12. GabrielPlayz says:

    The middle part didn’t cloned… (When I reset the whole thing, the middle did not appeared.
    Please help

  13. Television says:

    If you change anything in the chests, will the reset button reset the map to the original version or will your changes be permanent?

  14. C0OlG4M3R says:

    is this for pe?

  15. Ajay says:


  16. Megarock Fathur says:

    Can i make this skywars into Skywars [PvE] ???? It’s a map that you can use if you does not have a friend in multiplayer. You can play this map to elimintate other CPU. Can you grant me?

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