Skywars The End [PvP]

Skywars The End is a player versus player map situated high up in the sky. There are more than ten different floating islands which means there are plenty of room for many players to be playing at once competing against each other. It does appear to have been ported from the PC version of Minecraft because some of the builds look cut off. That happens because the sky limit is only half the height compared to the PC version of Minecraft.

Creator: MasterDrops, Twitter Account

theend2 theend1download

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10 Responses

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  1. Apis says:

    Why there are many versions of “skywars”

  2. CreeperMC says:

    Pls update the skywars map 😛

  3. supermaster2005 says:

    I wish I want all mc world

  4. TheKylarK says:

    Please make this a .mcworld file

  5. Sandy Man says:

    Sorry I can’t read whatever language the signs are and also how do you start the game?

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