Sonic Craft [16×16]

It is s based on the popular Sonic the Hedgehog game series where you play as a character named Sonic in an often speed-based platform game.

The texture pack takes on a robust and cartoony type of textures with often bright and fun colors used. The design is similar to Super Mario with a really intensive color scheme. That’s why it can become a little overwhelming for some of you before getting used to it. So it’s definitely an individual type of pack which won’t suit everyone. It’s made in a low-resolution, only 16×16, so it’s safe to say it will run smoothly on most devices.

Ported by: awsomepack123

screenshot-2015-01-22-10-28 screenshot-2015-01-22-10-30_2 screenshot-2015-01-22-10-30 screenshot-2015-01-22-10-30_3download

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18 Responses

3 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Alawesome123 says:

    How do u download mods

  2. Jesus says:

    Its pretty good

  3. Sebastian says:

    Is it compatible with 0.14.1

  4. Jose says:

    Editor I got a problem with this texture pack it says Sonic craft is not compatible with my version please update this to 0.14.1 I need you to update to my version 🙂

  5. FaZe_I$5¥-R3KR says:

    My stupid username

  6. Sonic says:

    Is this for ios

  7. Christian says:

    This is awesome

  8. IHateThisAddon says:


  9. Ksisisks says:

    Oh yay, nobody needs a texture pack.

  10. Ksisisks says:

    no go bro

  11. cesar gonzales says:

    my name is sonic the hedgehog and you??

  12. SonicFan191 says:

    How do you import this into windows 10?

  13. Alex Hale says:

    Is this compatible with 1.7?

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