Space [PvP]

This map includes a large PvP platform arena. To make it look as it is in space there are several planets and stars surrounding the arena. Choose among classes such as Lord of Fire, Darth Vader or Astronaut then enter the arena to fight other players. If you like the Star Wars movies or just space in general then give this map a try together with some friends.

Creator: jobetyk_101

Begin by choosing one of the kits. There are eight different classes (or kits) to choose from and you are not allowed to combine them. The classes include: Lord of Fire, Witch, Darth Vader, Alien, Astronaut, LordPlanet, GalaxyGuard and Storm Troop.


When everyone have selected a class then it’s time to enter the arena. Do a countdown from 10 and then begin the battle.


In the arena you will find several pressure plates. If you stand on top of them you will be given different potion effects such as speed and jump boost.


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19 Responses

  1. Lamo says:

    I love this. Really nice map. Love the planets.

  2. Enderman PE Official says:

    I though the planet is Texture pack because its look so realistic, no kidding man

  3. M3G4TR0NV0M1T says:

    Omg omg omg looks amazing I cant wait!!

  4. PideseehC says:

    The map does not load. It says “a new version of the game has saved this level”. What do I do to make it work???

  5. P34NUT says:

    Could you make another fantastic PVP map?

  6. HANNIBAL_RICK says:

    Could you make a WW2 style PVP map?

  7. ItzJok3r says:

    Idek how to download it! Cuz i dont hv pc ?

  8. JoyousJam says:

    This looks like an amazing map and I want to play it with my friends! I am a huge fan of star wars and space and PvP and all those come together in one super cool looking map! I’m super excited to play on this it looks like so much fun!! ?

  9. Amiiboys says:

    Can you make it a .mcworld file type please?

  10. Neneb says:

    Can you please make this map a .mcworld please. That would give you so much more exposure for you and more fun for us. Thanks!

  11. Santa Creep says:

    Wow just wow.

  12. :P Production says:

    Please make it for iOS

  13. theghostwolf says:

    i cant download the map
    media fire says its not there

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