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This addon lets you experience the city of Bikini Bottom and meet SpongeBob and all of his friends. SpongeBob SquarePants is an animated TV show which has been on air for almost two decades. A total of 13 mobs have been turned into characters which look incredibly similar to those of the SpongeBob universe.

Creator: Spectro Anime, Twitter Account


This addon changes 13 mobs into characters of the SpongeBob SquarePants animated TV show. And expectedly most of them are friendly.

To really maximize the fun we recommend you to download the Bikini Bottom map and then use this addon for that world. Bikini Bottom is the fictional underwater city where the SpongeBob universe exists.

SpongeBob SquarePants (replaces pigs) (friendly):


Squidward Tentacles (replaces: witches): Squidward is a bitter octopus and a neighbour of Patrick Star and SpongeBob.


Sandy Cheeks (replaces husks): Sandy is squirrel scientist who lives in an aquarium and is one of SpongeBob’s closest friends.


Patrick Star (replaces creepers) (friendly): Patrick is the best friend of SpongeBob. He’s known for being ignorant but at the same time quite hilarious.


Mr Krabs (replaces skeletons) (friendly): He is the owner of the Krusty Krab restaurant and is especially known for being greedy.


Larry the Lobster (replaces iron golems) (neutral): Larry works as a lifeguard and at the Goo Lagoon beach.


Mrs. Puff (replaces strays) (neutral): Mrs. Puff is a teacher at SpongeBob’s school.


Gary (replaces wolves) (neutral): Gary is a snail owned as a pet by SpongeBob.


You can tame these mobs by feeding it bones. Bones have been retextured to fish food.


Plankton (replaces zombies) (hostile):  Plankton is the owner of the restaurant called the Chum Bucket. If he’s killed he drops dollar bills (bricks).


Bikini Bottom Citizens (replaces villagers): Random citizens of Bikini Bottom.


Jellyfish (replaces ghasts) (friendly): You have to keep in mind that Bikini Bottom (where these characters live) is an underwater city. Spawn some ghasts and pretend that they are jellyfish in water.


The Flying Dutchman (replaces the wither boss) (hostile): This is the green ghost pirate which sometimes appears in the TV show.


Boat (replaces cows): You can control the boat by holding a carrot on a stick in your hand.

  • iOS / Android: Press down your finger on the screen and press the Ride button to ride the boat
  • Windows 10: Right-click the boat to ride it



  1. Download Resources .McPack
  2. Download Behaviors .McPack
  3. Activate packs for a world in-game

You can download a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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80 Responses

4.66 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. NFCorp2016 says:

    Can I have the world that you used?

  2. alfaputrapz says:

    The name is flying dutchman

  3. Jmn137 says:

    Oh, the wither boss is the Flying Dutchman. I can tell by the green! Well, it’s a great addon!

  4. Hoozuki says:

    The “Unknown” is the Flying Dutchman, i guess.

  5. Patrick says:

    The unknown mob is the Flying Dutchman

  6. Quouik says:

    I think the wither is a Ghost-pirate (an hostile character in the serie). Thanks if I could help you and sorry for my english (I’m french ;D)

  7. Joseph Cellini says:

    The wither is the Flying Dutch!

  8. BuggyPig says:

    Cool addon

  9. JamsAndJellies says:

    The character that replaces the wither boss is called the flying Dutchman

  10. mcpespongebob says:

    i think the last one is the flying dutchman

  11. Rodi says:

    I think that the name of one that you are saying unknown at him is “Flying Dutchman”

  12. Destroyerz117 says:

    My nightmares have come true!!!!D:

  13. NoName says:

    Wow its very good addon but can you make a Gravity Falls addon? I mean Dipper, Mabel, Stan, Soos, Wendy, Bill and others…

  14. holuvavo says:


  15. ⛈❄️🌧☁️🌥🌥🌩🌨☃☃⛄️⛄️🌬🌊💦🌪🌫 says:

    I am super at this.

  16. Tom says:

    OMG It’s finally released!!! I AM SOOO HAPPY

  17. Gamelord56 says:

    Only Gary and sponge bob will spawn besides the villagers

  18. Jeff says:

    This mod really needs some work I tried spawning stuff in but nothing spawned in

    • GalaxyGames says:

      you need to at least put it on easy for it to work because they are replaced by creepers witches and more which will not spawn on peaceful mode

  19. Fried chackin says:

    Can you do the map with the behavior pack and texture pack?

  20. Nice Job says:

    Over the top 🤘🏻sweet! love spongebob

  21. H says:

    Omg best ADDON I’ve aver SEEN!

  22. AqmalPutraalbani says:

    Where the maps?? Please add the maps

  23. TrueTrizFan says:

    Are you Spectro Anime?True Triz told meh this and sorry if I speelllled ur name wrong 🙁 awesome ADDON!

  24. Derp says:

    What is the zombie pigman?

  25. MaskedHAZIQ23 says:

    I was waiting this add on for along time…and now it happen!Yay I love it.

  26. HeyItzMehAgainGhostKiller says:

    Nice addon editor

  27. HeyItzMehAgainGhostKiller says:

    Whats the map

  28. Justin Timberlake says:

    So cool!! Thx

  29. Tom says:

    When i go to the bikini bottom map with the packs on, it crashes 😢

  30. Ethan22yy says:

    What map are you playing on

  31. KaJoey_YT says:

    This what I see from TrueTriz Channel!

  32. Justin says:

    Why not working ):

  33. LittleLemonHQ says:

    Please make custom heads/skulls addon

  34. .+*Mods*+. says:

    Please dear editor, reply to me and help me with my problem!
    When I apply the texture pack and resource pack to my world, it’s stuck on ‘building terrain’ and the bar is never moving. I have tried deleting Minecraft and just using the resource pack, but it’s doesn’t work!
    Please reply, I really need help because I would like to use this mod.

  35. andrei says:

    Works on 1.0002 ????

  36. Anonymous says:

    It crashes when I go in any map or world with the packs on. And with all of the packs you made it just crashes. Anything I use that’s made by you. Why? Do you have a way to fix that?

  37. Kirsty says:

    Can you make a Yandere simulator add on please? 😀

  38. Mr.AwesomeJackFrost says:

    Could you PLEASE make a phineas and Ferb Addon and map you know Candace ,phineas,Ferb from the tv show

  39. Raziah says:

    Can you please make pizza addon

  40. Sponge says:

    Can you make The Flying Dutchman peaceful Cuz he keeps Destroying My world

  41. Jamin says:

    Cool. Own if you need me I’m gonna wave this flashlight around, make monkey noises, stop my feet, wear this hat funny, and eat cube cheese

  42. Cohan says:

    Is there more people??????????

  43. Gthrash says:

    The gravel texture is broken so on the map all around the krusty krab it looks about 1/4 of the texture is lava same with clay but it is 1/4 water texture plz fix🙂

  44. Brï says:

    It’s true!!!!

  45. Katdog says:

    Can you add sound affects please

  46. Anonymous says:

    Hi , I think that you take of the some blocks in this texture, and mr crab does’t friendly
    Good by

  47. Phoebe says:

    Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?……….Spongebob Square Pants xd

  48. Danielle C says:

    Is there a balloon in the map?

  49. Danielle C says:

    It might be because of the difficulty change it to easy

  50. JudgeBot2000 says:

    Nice addon/resource pack

  51. Aaron says:

    There is a secret character I discovered its mind controlled fish citizen. Spawn them with /summon zombie_villager. You’ll thank me later

  52. Anthony says:

    The only thing is that


    Thank you editor your big help i comlete the all set in sponge bob

    Im leave in (Philippines)

    Thank you very much

  54. Soheil says:

    Why did when I spawn gary in survival mode then I hit him he’s attacking me!
    And he is not following me,but I know I need to feed him but he is getting red!?

  55. InsecureGaming says:

    I watch Spongebob when I was 6 years old and I didn’t know that there is a Minecraft version i mean OMG it’s awesome keep up the good work fam

  56. Anonymous says:

    How do you open the civilians or villagers?

  57. Katie says:

    this is so cool i used this in the map and it was awesome!

  58. LEGEND BOY says:


  59. Kaitie says:

    I haven’t tried it but could you make the jelly fish easy to catch and feed spongebob to tame him and give him a catcher to catch them?

  60. Lucas Krusemark says:

    Can you gets some more characters and place?

  61. Lucas Krusemark says:

    Can you add l Pearl Krabs and flats the Flounder?

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