SS10 Shader (Windows 10)

SS10 is the Windows 10 version of SSPE which is one of the most popular shaders for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This pack adds an increased realism and much more beautiful looking graphics to the game. However, since this is the first beta there are some elements which aren’t added yet. For example, there are no waving plants but that and other features will most likely be added in the next updates.

Creators: SS10 Shader, Twitter Account
Updated: 13 February, 2018 (read changelog)



  • New clouds
  • Bug fixes
  • Improvements


Important: This shaders pack is optimized for Windows 10. If you are using a smartphone or a tablet then check out SSPE Lightweight Shader.

Recommended: Disable cloud rendering in video settings and you will see only the shader clouds and not the vanilla clouds.

  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Open Minecraft PE
  3. Settings > Global Resources > Activate the pack

You can get a .ZIP file for this pack here.

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139 Responses

4.05 / 5 (72 votes)
  1. SirSpiderALot says:

    does it have clouds?

  2. EnderxGamez says:

    Oh my gosh, thank you so much! I’ve always been looking for good shaders on Win10, when I found SSPE but it had so many glitches I had to switch to vanilla textures, but anyway thanks for this!

  3. EndLord says:

    The shaders are awesome, but it makes my game lag out. can it be fixed?

    • IGamer1451 says:

      It means your GPU is not powerful enough to render it so it lags
      Go windowed mode, and then make the windows smaller, that should clear lag
      and if you want to play it in fullscreen mode, right click on your desktop then click display settings, click on advanced display settings and then choose the resolution you want and click apply, now launch the game

  4. YY Minecon says:

    Cool shader! Finally some good ones for Windows 10 users! Thumbs up 😉

  5. LigtPlayzMC says:

    @RyFol Pls make this compatible with mobile devices cause for me this is more awesome and lighter, which is awesome. Hope you will add a part of this shaders to sspe lightweight.

  6. Bibsho44 says:

    Thank you, i’ve been looking for SSPE but for Windows 10 Edition and you guys did it. Thank you!!

  7. Bibsho44 says:

    Oh btw, if you click on “dowload MCPACK” it downloads a ZIP file.

  8. WithyBarbecue89 says:

    Will this also work for MCPE?

  9. meemedmania says:

    Works perfectly fine on my ipad air 2 :p

  10. AntiBoredomClass says:

    Waaaaaaat!this looks so cool,can you pls make this available in ios and android

  11. Zathuraboy says:

    first comment!
    thanks for making shaders for win10

  12. TheMineNetCC says:

    first anyways nice shader

  13. WalkingTNT12124 says:

    this shader is amazingly good but you can not see potion effects, health bar, hunger bar and armour bar/slot so pls fix quickly

  14. Iron Heart YT says:

    Nice texture pack! However it’s almost the same as the energy shaders.
    Lighting is a lot smoother and the sun and moon is cool looking.

  15. Emperor69 says:

    What map is used in the third picture and also what map for the last picture?

  16. Flávio José says:

    I am a user of Windows Phone (Windows 10 mobile) this shader works perfectly, but when I get close to the woes of much lag! I would like you to make a lighter version by removing the shadows

    • GOGO says:

      This was designed for windows 10 PC’s it probably is more Heavier than the mobile version but yeahhh

  17. Elijah Frey says:

    This pack is working great for me so far on the Windows 10 edition. So, thank you so much for making this shader compatible with Windows 10. It definitely spices up my builds quite a bit to be able to use shaders.

  18. CLark Ayus 👾 says:

    is nice 😀 but there is alot of lag :/

  19. TheFoXeletan says:

    Finally i have Shaders for Minecraft Windows 10 Edition!! Yeah!

  20. iRedstoneEater says:

    Lots of lag but overall good shader. Im going to be using Energy Shaders until the lag is fixed though.

  21. seaice says:

    please add ‘waving leaves’ in the ss10 shader!!!

  22. Elijah Frey says:

    I was wondering if there are actually clouds in this shader or not. I’ve seen comments that say there are, but when I used it, all I see in the sky is the sun and a grey haze that spreads all over the sky.
    I wasn’t sure if the haze is supposed to be the clouds.
    Also, I was wondering what makes everything get so blue when night falls. It makes it extremely hard to see any of the different colors on the ground and int the trees, so the mobs stick out.

    I didn’t know if anyone else noticed things like these, but these are not big enough issues to keep me from thinking that this shader pack is awesome. Great work.

  23. Emperor69 says:

    Is it still lightweight?

  24. ahmad says:

    this is the only decent shaders for windows 10 edition but ut have a bug when i look down it turn a bit blue

  25. ENDERING_THYME says:

    love it

  26. Anonymous says:

    Thank you I always have to download mcpe shaders but finally one for mc win 10!

  27. bob says:

    Not working on Win10 edition every is super bright. I tried restarting the game and redownloading the pack please fix

  28. YoloDanBigFan says:

    I think is a bit better than SSPE for sure.👍🏻

  29. Primary868 says:

    This is an excellent start, but there are still several problems I experienced while using this:

    – The clouds are just one giant grey square over the entire map (somebody else commented on this as well).
    – Water underground is not darkened; it looks like its “glowing.”
    – The corners of my screen seem to be fuzzed out. I’m not sure if this was intentional or not but it looks out of place.
    – There are a few places where the shading seems to be glitching, such as on stairs.
    – The screen fades to white a little bit when I look down. An option to turn this off (if such a thing is possible) would be good, assuming that this was an intentional addition and not a glitch.

    I am excited to see where this project goes, as I am impressed at how good the shaders look in caves and especially the better-glowing torches!

    Cheers, -Prime

  30. AryaRaditya says:

    I really love your shader pack, BUT the fog Is annoying can you change the fog <3

  31. Rickie says:

    Very good

  32. Saerain says:

    Surprisingly simple for shaders on PC… But with it being the _only_ shaders available on PC, if it is at all possible to get it playing nice with VR, I will provide you with many strong children.

  33. Gail says:

    I really like this texture pack and it really works on my pc, the problem is, the corners of my screen are fuzzy and it gets really blurry when I look down or go down a cave. Can you pls help me

  34. BlazingBeam says:

    I love the shader over-all! But seriously? A small torch is toooooooo much insanely bright. And if I go deep in caves….. the shadows turn black which is annoying. Please fix these and add wavy plants if possible

  35. MAX2462 says:

    Wow ur resourcepack is so beautiful. I hope to make minecraft pe window 10 edition resources together. Recently, I was done to make oriental resource pack. So I wanna work with u to make windows 10 edition oriental resources pack. If u like to coopperatr with me send message to my emaill addres. As u know I am Korean, so I cannot speak English fluently sry. thanks to read 😀

  36. SuperiorZod says:

    Makes the game a little laggy. At night time when I look up everything is fine but when I look down everything becomes dark. The torch is waaaay to bright. The edges of my screen become blurry. I play in a small window. Not full screen. Please add wavy plants and reduce lagg and blury -ness

  37. PeaceWalker says:

    Can u update this shader please.. cause this shader currently beta version for long time than sspe

  38. spoon says:

    Will this work on a windows 10 Tablet?

  39. flamestar1419 says:

    why cat I download? my widows protector always says no and don’t let m download. help!!!!!

  40. BombyYT says:

    This pack is AWOSOME! Keep up the good work!

  41. MissNightymare says:

    Really smooth and beautiful!

  42. Adeezl says:

    It’s not bad, the best right now for windows 10 edition, but too bright with torches in daylight (especially in the desert) like the other shaders for windows 10.

    The issue with this one is the fuzzy ring around the edges, it’s quite distracting. Hopefully you guys are still working on this, dev for windows 10 edition is non-existent right now, especially with resource packs..

  43. Andrew says:

    I am not able to download this pack. When I click download (on this site), it opens me into another page that says 404 Page Not Found. Please fix, since this looks really cool!

    • HTV04 says:

      SS10 is currently removed as the developer is redesigning it. I don’t know why they removed it, but I guess it was in preparation for the new version. They should at least upload the old version in the archive though in case someone wants to download it in the meantime. You won’t have to wait that long though, because the new version is coming next month.

  44. cookiebuild3r says:

    Can you make this as good as your other sspe shaders!?

  45. joshua says:

    it comes up with a error and says its not found I tried 7-8 times it still don’t work can u fix it so I can

  46. NXUS says:

    Hi MCPEDL,

    There seems to be a 404 error for the link to the file! Could you fix this or contact the SSPE developers? Thanks a lot :D:D

  47. PyrrhicVictory7 says:

    Its October man…

  48. Writer_Park says:

    It looks great
    But Jump bar doesn’t work when I riding horse

  49. CcXMENcC says:

    When will the shader come back its Oct

  50. Xeon says:

    looks great but… why isnt the download available?

  51. beepboop says:

    will I be allowed to post a mirror download of the latest of this? (for other people to try it out while your working on the update)
    am I allowed tho?

  52. Anonymous says:

    I’m still waiting in October

  53. TheLastJedi says:

    It’s October, when will the download be back. It looks good.

  54. Static! says:

    Had it before better together update and it was amazing but it’s November now and I really want it back.

  55. Evandro says:

    where’s the link?

  56. Rubencr says:

    Looks amazing, great performance, but i have an issue, not related to performance(im running everything on max, shaders, x64 faithful with no lag), but when i go on dark spots(caves and such) theres this greyish color and its quite annoying until i light it up, not sure if its intended as a feature or not, but would like to know if its normal or needs fixing, good work btw.

  57. OhSquibbles says:

    “Will be back in September” ….. And it’s November 22nd… 🙁 This is the only shader I’ve been able to find that I could run on my low-end laptop! I really hope it comes back… Can’t give a higher rating until the download is back!

  58. AdvDreemurrFr says:

    Still waiting for the update and performance fixes of this pack… I can’t use it now… “back in september”…. it’s december and still nothing, but sspe has been updated… us, windows 10 players wich that this ack will be updated one day, because it’s a beautifull shaders, 3 stars because I’m waiting for an update… I hope there is gonna be an update… maybe…

  59. Supermadkid says:

    where is the download button

  60. BalMasque says:

    sir, where are you? It’s December now.

  61. PhantomMCx says:

    When is this shaders going to be updated

  62. PhantomMCx says:

    When is this shaders being updated?????

  63. TelepathicGrunt says:

    “Will be back in September…”

    *sees its January*

    Welp! Guess this Shader is dead.

  64. echan123 says:

    Can you put share buttons on your postings pleases?

  65. bal_masque says:

    Been waiting for this since September 2017. Glad that it’s here now. Will be posting this on @mc_masque

  66. ItsEndCraft says:

    Wow Im gonna try this thing!! It looks nice! Creator I heard the comments and said that you will be back in September !! Wake up Bro its January!

  67. Sushal says:

    Hey! Does the leave move?

  68. Marcell Hermanowski says:

    WORKS WELL WITH VR (oculus rift cv1)

    NOT GLICHING! (which is a huge problem of the most shader) but could you add some wavy grass/bush effects?

  69. OCTO IBBY says:

    The shader clouds are making me lag. But it’s beautiful!

  70. xadohesaruvi says:

    So I grabbed this because it is pretty and about the only shader for Win10 that is even remotely updated and working that I could find. Only two issues that I’ve noticed so far.

    One, the normal MC clouds are there alongside the shader version of the clouds. This is with both original resource textures and custom textures.

    Second when entering into a dungeon past a certain block height the shader breaks. I receive a white oval with a cutout whenever I have my view beyond directly in front of me. I’m not sure if this is because MC updated and the shader hasn’t yet, or what. This glitch happens with both original texture and custom texture. I have a screenshot that I can send you if you desire, but it really makes it hard to mine in anything remotely underground.

    I really do love the lighting dynamics of this shader, and I would love to continue to use it, but the second issue really kills my ability to use the shader for the time being.

  71. spidernick2005 says:

    Can you make the clouds less laggy when i look at them

  72. BaghasArt​146 says:

    Is There have any dynamic light torch?

  73. xadohesaruvi says:

    I decided to further test what I could see in regards to your shader and where specifically I was running into the overlay issue–especially after I checked back and saw the comment about the clouds.The overlay issue happens I hit y coordinate 46 or lower.

    Further testing in the settings has revealed that the issue with the shader and the y coordinate in regards to the intrusive overlay is because of Fancy Graphics being turned on. Once I turned off this setting the overlay disappeared completely and the shader works wonderfully. I figured I would mention in case others have the same issue, as it is rather off-putting.

    All in all it is a wonderful shader and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for future updates!

  74. SirionzWolfey says:

    okay so the shader have a issues is white oval, i cant mining even going to nether

  75. Meowz4lyfe says:

    Mining? You mean mine? Any who who cares about the clouds just don’t look up. Some people are just picky

  76. Anachronist says:

    I advise everyone to turn off “beautiful skies” in your video settings. The sky in this shader is already beautiful, you don’t need Minecraft’s blocky clouds also.

    Also turn off fancy graphics, as mentioned above. This will fix the oval-overlay problem when deep underground.

    I am seeing a problem when underwater in creative mode, though, with large areas of volume in front of me not being rendered until I get right on top of them.

  77. Person says:

    It’s a great shader but sometimes when i look down a BRIGHT white ring appears around the corners of my screen taking up about 40-50% of the screen and it only happens with THIS exact shader

  78. Stan YT says:

    Is it just me, or is the donwload link not working?

  79. Pep says:

    Is it a scam and just to steal all of you info? (pls developer pls tell me)

  80. SamsTheSkeleton says:

    How come whenever I go to the Nether there is this really ugly red thing circling my face?

  81. CETERAZz says:

    The shader causes a blue frame when i’m in a cave. Thats annoying! Otherwise the shader is awesome!

  82. Gabby says:

    This is fantastic! I can see the clouds and shadows.

  83. Ethan says:

    There’s a small glitch, where when you look at the ground you get this gray area surround your vision, which is really quite annoying. Please fix! Thanks.

  84. Rubencr says:

    This shaders looks really good, but unfortunatelly, when mining down, at a certain depth theres a weird round white color all around the screen except the middle doing a weird =white(game)white= which just makes it unusable for me, its very smooth, perfect in the surface, but if i go on caves. the huge white circle comes again, going around all corners and only leaving the center visible

  85. Mehmed says:

    Why I couldn’t download like other people? How to download the shaders? God help me

  86. arnak says:

    I like it

  87. joyfulkoko667 says:

    the water wave and the grass, and leaves wave doesn’t work anymore (windows 10) 🙁

  88. hank chinaski says:

    Its not usable when you go underground, there’s a grey border that narrows your viewport drastically.

  89. HackerError404 says:

    The shader is making a wierd white screen in the Nether.

  90. TheMCButterfly says:

    Yay! This finally works! 😀

  91. bxryl says:

    The shader looks so weird! I hate the texture of it…. pls fix this! The texture of the blocks were like covered with stained black and it looks like a inverted texture pack…. :”(

  92. MrDAFFA72 says:

    The shader is good,I love this shader

  93. TrickyVic102 says:

    I’m having a problem with this… I will load up the shader pack in a world, and it has some huge, and I mean HUGE hexagonal white border covering most of the screen and this tiny hexagon in the middle showing the world… I have no other Global Resources, addons, etc. active! I don’t know what this is 🙁

  94. Aaron says:

    The orange lights looks like garbage. Otherwise it is a pretty good pack

  95. Steveo says:

    Everytime i try to run the Game with this Shader, my grame crashes, and i cant go back to the options to disable it, have to go to the folder and delete it manual.

  96. Todd says:

    Nice shaders. I would love it if you converted it to iOS and anidriod. I would totally share it. That’s all.

  97. Sudheer Dhulipala says:

    WOW :O

  98. Anonymous says:

    Does this work on console?

  99. DBVG says:

    The shader pack is great but sometime, when i go to a cave that is kind of dark, it has some rendering issue: (Screenshot link)
    Please fix it (and sorry for my bad english)

  100. Steve says:

    Orange lights looks bad. The gamma glow makes everything look radioactive. Looks bad. Basically the lights are terrible.
    The shadows are okay.

  101. Alesscreeper says:

    pls more updates

  102. OcyanExp says:

    Whenever I look at Lava, there is a thing that covers the screen….

  103. MissionApollo7 says:

    Personally, I’m not a fan of this thing it does when you’re underground. Here’s a screenshot

  104. Rubencr says:

    When you go mining theres a glitch when you reach a certain -y coord and the screen has a white border, only fixable if i disable fancy graphics or go back up to the surface, other than that, all in all, a pretty good shaders

  105. Anonymous says:

    Yay a( I got it correct

  106. IBT says:

    Still looks like Cheeto dust everywhere there are lights….. terrible.
    Clouds are awesome. Shadows are cool.

  107. Anonymous says:

    Is there a way to completely disable the clouds without having the sun gone,
    Always when i look up at the skies my game start lagging.
    So is there a way to disable the custom clouds?

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