Strange Dreams (Horror) [Adventure]

This is a short, fun and sometimes creepy horror map. The story goes as following. You keep dreaming the same dream and over again and you’re extremely confused. And for some strange reason you have to deliver a book to Dr. Johnson. Each time that you wake up you’re just getting even more crazy. It’s like an endless nightmare without an end to it. Will you ever be able to wake up from this nightmare?

Creator: Naftali


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23 Responses

4.38 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. Darkest of souls says:

    I love this it is soooooo coooolllll I am a girl that does not get scared of horror maps but this is very creative and fun

  2. AshleyRoseFlower says:

    This was so scary

  3. TK-6606 says:

    Very creepy and really cool

  4. Popstermaster says:

    looks great! might download this lator

  5. ZzLazerConezZ says:

    That was amazing.
    Short yet scary.
    I screamed multiple times, I almost peed.

  6. SKYKER says:

    I love it

  7. Yomyom says:

    First comment!! Btw good map im not scared of those armor stand i just say hello dude im giving you 2 stars because the slowness is really annoying and its really dark

  8. General Isaac says:


  9. Nona says:

    I think notch

  10. Da_BlockGOAT says:

    One of the best horror maps I’ve ever played! This kinda reminded me of a map I knew on PC with a killer clown but I think you should make a part two or something. But keep it up man!

  11. Dj Bad Vlad says:

    It was not really scary only the first jumpscare is and the map has to be longer I beat the map I like 3min

  12. FNAFGaming8287 says:

    It was a good map wish it was long

  13. Lol says:

    Hey there !
    A video has been made
    Have a nice day

  14. Minepro says:

    I love this map

  15. Anonymous says:

    Very good 4/5

  16. Mr_Zombiejack says:

    Gosh that first jumpscare scared the crap out of me

  17. Heidelburger says:

    The only problem I had was when it comes out of my room

  18. Heidelburger says:

    The destroyer of darkness

  19. dragonlordskater says:

    Not very scary..

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