SummerFields [32×32]

SummerFields is a beautiful texture pack which turns any Minecraft world into a more joyful and enjoyable environment. It’s really nice to use if you want to give the game graphics a boost of summer and really get in tune with the nature around you. Personally, I think this is one of the best packs available for the game.

Creator: LithiumSound / CuddleWoozle, Twitter Account
Ported by: chengzzi89, Twitter Account
Updated: 19 June, 2017 (support for 1.1+)


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Open Minecraft PE
  3. Settings > Global Resources > Activate the pack

You can get a .ZIP file for this texture pack here.

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17 Responses

4.8 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Gaetan says:

    I have tried this and it doesn’t seem to work.

  2. MrIceWater says:

    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Its not like most resource packs that only stays at one side of the spectrum. The colors are vibrant and the style is mostly medieval. Best resource pack ever!

  3. AvrilianB says:

    Look’s good, I’ll try it.

  4. AbbyRabbit says:

    Wow i like it! Nice texture pack

  5. AdvDreemurrFr says:

    Men, it’s a super good work ! Ho, and, Mr Editor, I have a question : How can I upload my texture pack on this website ? I tried… but… it seems it’s not awesome, so I have updated the pack ! But I’m not sure if i’ve made any mistakes… thx for reply (if you reply) !

  6. MinecraftPlays says:

    What map is that ?

  7. ExplodingCreepz says:

    Um hey your texture pack is really awsome i love but there is something wrong about a texture of Evorker and Vex, can you fix it ?

  8. WoodTree says:

    How can I delete this
    It doesnt fit with my device

  9. PVPMASTER says:

    Finally a great texture pack!

  10. Doomslayer says:

    Reminds me of summer great work

  11. vianné says:

    Nice work 😀 I have a question, with which shader it will work?

  12. Crusty says:

    Very well made. But I don’t really like the wierd hot bar slots. Cofuses me a lot…

  13. Aarona2095 says:

    This so beautiful and amazing

  14. Cool_Miracle123 says:

    It’s really cool! It really matches with my buildings! 😊

  15. Luigi banana says:

    This version works in 1.2 ?

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