Super Villager Bros. (BETA Version) [Minigame]

Super Villager Bros. is a 2.5D platform map created for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. In the game you’ll gain control over a village who will leave his home (a village) to search for new adventures. During this long travel the environment will gradually become more hostile and soon he’s likely to come across some very powerful creatures from these far lands who he will have to fight.

Creator: Trinity Block, Twitter Account

How to play?

You control the villager by using the normal walking keys. By using these controls you can make the villager move in any direction, climb ladders, swim and even jump. The main objective is to get past all the obstacles. Keep in mind that this is just a beta, so it doesn’t include that many levels.

List of Creators

  • M7MoGameR (OWNER)
  • Cheese (EX-OWNER)
  • CSonnic03 (CO-OWNER)
  • ZeReaperDark (CO-OWNER)
  • Nduku (MAIN BUILDER)
  • SapphireCrafty (HEAD OF PROGRAMMING)
  • BluFlyaway (PROGRAMMING)
  • Cheff Bread (PROGRAMMING)
  • SuperSlymeBoi (PROGRAMMING)
  • LuckyBlock17o (PROGRAMMING)
  • JoelCreeper (PROGRAMMING)
  • AceAttacker (BUILDER)
  • Mathh3w23 (BUILDER)



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38 Responses

4.24 / 5 (21 vote)
  1. ZeReaper says:

    Pretty cool but the beta doesn’t have all features. We will work back on this map after one or two other maps 😉

  2. bloody Chicken nugget says:

    There is a typo in cheete u wrote cheese

  3. ECKOSOLDIER says:


  4. Jeff says:

    This sucks it won’t even tp me to the right place when I’m in the editor oh and the actual game is SUPER hard aswell, I do not recommend you to get this.

  5. a normal fontend dev guy says:

    First comment for Cheese

  6. lordSim04 says:

    Just wow! the best map I have ever seen and I saw a lot!!

  7. Mary says:

    How am I supposed to get to the first level??

  8. L says:

    Every time I play this, I just fall into a hole and can’t get out because of the place where you choose to make a level or stuff like that.

  9. LucasTriplesg says:

    I LIKED IT!!!

  10. Redslimetime25 says:

    Lol you can break this map so easily XD

  11. Redslimetime25 says:

    Cool thoh

  12. Assassiner354 says:

    Good map!

  13. Wrvyeagviyfbvuyfbviyrivunrvoue says:

    Omg this is good but it is SUCH a rage game it is almost impossible

  14. GOLDENGAMER2469YT says:

    Wasn’t that great. It was only one short level but for that one level it was ok

    • Nduku says:

      Hey there, there is actually 5 levels in this beta. You were most likely trapped inside the lobby – we hope to make it more clear in the future.

  15. Thomas says:

    Can u make other options for tardis not just police box

  16. MC player says:


  17. Dawego says:

    Yay I get to play these villager games. I really wanted to play one even if there’s no pc. But now thanks for making it

  18. Mcgamerm3 says:

    1st COMMENT! Great Map 10000000000/10 rating

  19. TaeGGZa says:

    Nice! <3

  20. Anonymous says:


  21. Fatih roif says:

    This so good

  22. Therix says:

    This is good stuff.

  23. Liker Of Mods says:

    this map so cool. make more of it

  24. Choo says:

    Awsome map, I can’t seem to find the command block that’s endlessly setting me to adventure mode, I found you map admin panel but pressing the enable gamemode c button doesn’t seem to do anything (unless I already done too much damage)

  25. I’m de best says:

    Uh, first of all, as soon as I try to swim, I’m immediately respawned back to the start, and as soon as I finish level one, I’m forced to do it again. There’s no way out of it.

  26. Joel_creeper says:

    So many ppl like it! just so many bugs

  27. Anonymous says:


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