Superland 2.0 Realm Christmas Update [Minigame] [PvP]

This map consists of several different minigames combined in one single map. It is best suited for Realms or for local multiplayer as most games are for two players or more. By playing this map you will be able to enjoy PvP games, parkour, quizzes, Bedwars, Speedrun, Drop and Jump, Total Wipeout and much more.

Creator: Scuppy12, Twitter AccountYouTube Channel
Credits: All credits to @Nogard for the Kart Addon
Updated: 1 December, 2018

You can join the Realms here:

Minigames / PvP Games

  • PvP
  • Parkour
  • Quiz-Out Of Action
  • Bedwars
  • Speedrun
  • Drop and Jump
  • Total Wipeout
  • Piano Tiles
  • Subway Surfers
  • FortNite
  • Pokemon Go
  • Crossy Road
  • Mario
  • Prisons
  • Capture The Flag
  • Elytra Parkour
  • Zombies Survival
  • Hide & Seek
  • Elytra Parkour
  • Zombies (Coming soon!)
  • 1v1 (Coming soon!)
  • Elytra Wars (Coming soon!)


  • Added Halloween Theme To The Spawn
  • Added A Whole New Shop


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104 Responses

4.22 / 5 (53 votes)
  1. XxMFDGAMER says:

    Nice Job

  2. UltimateW says:

    Its too good, really

  3. Candra GamerZ says:

    Crack is no available (laughs)

  4. Smartiemax says:

    Would not recommend, when I downloaded it, the grammar in it was improper and just plain bad, and second of all, when I deleted the map the texture packs were still there and now I have to uninstall tons of useless texture packs, and there are ALOT in this map.

    • Scuppy11 says:

      The world works fine and when u delete the world all of the textures packs and addons delete with the world all works fine for every one eles

    • UpstreamComet11 says:

      Seriously Smartymax who cares about the grammar its about the fun,try to say something nice about it. Tons of maps have the resource pack bug and do you see anyone compaining there? Pls say something nice about this AWESOME map.

      • Smartiemax says:

        Ok, first of all, this map is supposed to be used as a realm, and some people actually went to school and get quite annoyed with petty things, therefore decreasing popularity, and second of all, some of the minigames are copies of other maps, like on the deathrun minigame, I got on a map and started doing it, I then realized it was the EXACT SAME MAP that I had played on from a deathrun map I had downloaded a day earlier, and third of all, half of minigames were closed, and some of open ones didn’t even work.

      • Smartiemax says:

        It’s called constructive criticism, deal with it.

        • Lol says:

          The texturpack thing: maybe it’s the tablet that sucks, like you and also, stop whining, kid.

          • Cubic Dog says:

            Guys, Smartie has an actual point, stop being mean to him. As he says, it’s constructive criticism.

          • Tiptoesmallears says:

            Cubic Dog true but with constructive criticism comes things that were good, as well as things to improve on. Smartie didn’t say anything good about the map.

  5. You_Bet_I_Am says:

    The download isn’t working

  6. Xavier says:

    Amazing! I’m the first person to comment! (the build is amazing as well)

  7. Bannana Man says:

    Very laggy/glitchy and most of the mini games are closed and”coming soon”

  8. Jp says:

    1st comment….anyway this map is so good we want more

  9. SteveBricks says:

    What shader did u use? Plz tell me 😀

  10. Salih says:

    İs beatiful map please new update

  11. Pee Pee says:


  12. Pee Pee says:


  13. Anonymous says:

    Best map ever

  14. Anonymous says:

    Best map ever!!!!
    Simply awesome

  15. Rukito says:

    Hehehe its a good map but I think you should fix these:
    Going to quiz crashes the game
    And a hole in the shop

  16. RONNEL says:

    I like it please update for more pls.!!!!

  17. Quiteviking85 says:

    GOOD MAP….

  18. SargeBarnacle says:

    Love it me and my friends enjoyed it. Keep updating

  19. AlLawYForGamesS says:

    This Is bad so Where Code To join Realm Noobs!

  20. Please fix says:

    Bedwars does not reset

  21. michald128 says:

    How does the respawn with the bed works?

  22. Nguyễn Việt Anh says:

    Excellent map🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳
    I am from Vietnam

    • ThatOneStupidChicken says:

      fortnite is so bad i hate it i dont want that btw your bedwars trades dont work you can just get ender pearls and kill the other players beds

  23. NEVID says:

    goodjob but please please please please DO FORTNITE its the best

  24. VannossGaming says:

    Dude there was nothing at all I can’t even play it’s stupid I keep falling and dying I do not recommend this

  25. Daniel says:

    This is an absolute pile of hot steamy GARBAGE! First up the grammar oh GOD the grammar it’s like you never even heard of school and you got your grammar from a dying elephant! Plus over HALF AND I MEAN WAYYYY OVER HALF of the stuff here you CAN’T DO I mean like COME ON! Last but certainly not least THE TEXTURE PACKS you used an unGODly amount of them just cancel the whole thing it ain’t worth it.

  26. Yourhead says:

    Great job

  27. The Running Man says:

    Now first of all I couldn’t move, and I realized why… I didn’t know second of all I have an iPad Air 2 it’s the NEWEST version I’m not criticizing I’m just saying there needs to bug fixes and better quality on new iPads 👍

  28. Fathur_ID says:

    I like it. In next update this map add Murder Mistery Map.

  29. MoWalid says:

    this was very very nice

  30. Holly White says:

    Very good game, so much more than when it first came out. Bed wars did not work for us though.

  31. Minecraft says:

    Please add the old textures (Fortnite ones ) and I would love the stuff toys back and please make it like before how you can get a pet please!

  32. Minecraft.oof says:

    The red stone did not work, went onto the prison mini game and it didn’t even give me a starter pick axe. WOULD NOT PLAY!

  33. Anonymous says:

    Hi I’m on the realm and I’m stuck in a block can u please help me get out of it my IGN is CoolFlash654

  34. HATSUNE MIKU says:

    Which minecraft version dose it requires

  35. Lord_Drakostar says:

    !!!Quick Tip!!!
    Name your world
    §l§1Super§cland §42.0 §6Realm
    You will not regret it!!! 😀

  36. pink sheep says:

    This is cool
    Wowowowowowowowow do pink sheep because I’m not recording but I’m pink sheep

  37. IcyBlazeXY says:

    Its was cool map i try I Should Recommend this map👍👍

  38. Kameron says:

    Great map but before I downloaded it I thought it would have other people in it

  39. sword says:

    §1yo thismap is leme as

  40. UpstreamComet11 says:

    The realm is down 🙁 BUT AMAZING AMAZING MAP!!! Wow you have loads of games!

  41. Mario Revaldo says:

    Add Murder Mystery

  42. Taha says:

    This doesn’t work in

  43. Anonymous says:

    If you go into watch us build fortnite it has a horrific amount of profanity in is include rasicicim and a male genitle This is appalling

    • Scuppy11 says:

      Yer I found that out when I put the map up for download it was one of my team members that did that and I did not see it till after I put the map up for download sorry if it offended anybody its not my falut but as its my realm I will take responsibly for what has happend I am sorry again I hope u can understand

  44. James says:

    Very inappropriate language on the fortnite thing!

  45. FaidKimi says:

    When You Will Release The Fortnite mode?

  46. iWow98 says:

    Would be cool if you can add SkyWars and more BedWars maps. But other than that, it’s pretty cool, I cannot imagine how much time it took you to make this AMAZING map!

    • Scuppy12 says:

      hi thank u for your kind review it has taken us 3 years to get where we are today we are trying our hardest to get more maps out but we are busy getting new games out at the moment will update with more maps with parkour and bedwars and skyways will be coming soon

  47. MetalWind says:


  48. Ideas-man says:

    I had an idea for you to try: try to make a TOUHOU mini game, because we all need a epic sense of bullet hell… -from, the ideas-man

  49. ice-cream gaming licious says:

    how do i dowload this map?

  50. Acrascent says:

    One of the best maps ever!

  51. Danny84620 says:

    When I spawned in the map, it gave me both weakness and mining fatigue. Why did that happen? Please respond

  52. ETHERCRAFT says:


  53. AMAZING says:

    the map is great!! And the city looks like its gonna turn out awesome !!

  54. Epic games says:

    It was awesome but also make tilted towers and dusty divot

  55. Anonymous says:

    Add muder mystery

  56. Algerd.pts-YT says:

    Make pls Murderer mistery quickly!
    I want to see it. 😉

  57. SyraxGaming says:

    I cant Have any damage even if I go and swin into the lava and In fornite i cant kill any body

  58. Ben says:

    scuppy instead of giving mining fatigue, make a copy of the lobby, then use a command block with the /clone command, on a redstone clock. also, why do you have all those games, but most of them are broken. MAKE A GAME, MAKE IT SO IT WONT BREAK, THEN DO ANOTHER. dont be crazy maen

  59. Wow. says:

    So good i cant stop looking at it.

  60. FuZzyCaTiE says:

    Its amazing map i love it! Can you please add Murder mystery? i will be soo happy! 🙂

  61. Diamond trident says:

    Great work dude did a nice job with the lobby cant wait for the next update where bedwars is available

    • James Scupham says:

      Thank u for the great feedback bedwars is not working the way we want it to work we are trying our best to sort it out we are at work building new games and maps

  62. Rich says:

    Put cleverlike on credit for battle bus

  63. Cheese says:

    All of the games is down please fix it!

  64. EdicionGamer says:

    hola hablo español quiero que me contacten para darle una traduccion al español!! es genial su trabajo!

  65. Cad16218 says:

    This Map is on 1.8 or 1.9 now I think

  66. Zara says:

    Hi, this is stupid how people are saying this is rubbish, this is one of the best maps IN THE WORLD, but…. the discord websites not working, its sending no data, also PLEASE can i be Staff PLEASE!! Please send a reply, thank you i say the what to do wall, i will help you, please let me be a part of the team, for everyone else, i recommend playing the server!!

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