Swamp Biome & Two Villages At Spawn

This seed will spawn you very close to two villages which are both located at the lake in a swamp biome. Neither of the two villages have any blacksmiths but they got multiple farms which provide a great resource for food. That means this seed works great for new survival adventures where you want to quickly get your hands on something to eat.

Found by: Kittycrew27

The spawn is 30-40 blocks away from the first village. It’s impossible to miss it.


To get to the next village just follow the coast of the lake and you will soon get to it.


Seed: -1239267942

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12 Responses

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  1. DJTriggaPleaseYT says:

    Wow cool
    So popular
    Editor reply
    Like it very much
    So yeah

  2. Mason says:

    Can I post this on seeds pro??
    It’s a great seed

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great seed

  4. Anonymous says:

    Good aeed

  5. Leona says:

    Wow pretty cool

  6. Anonymous says:

    Pretty good idea for two villages at spawning

  7. Frank says:

    Where do you click the download button

  8. James says:

    Thanks for the seed it works

  9. Pink sheep says:

    Is there a blacksmith??????

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