The Last Kingdom: Stonehaven, Swampton & Skrimville [Creation]

This map features Stonehaven, Swampton and Skrimville which are three fantasy towns featured in one map. It is without hesitation one of the best medieval maps available for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Not only are they insanely huge but they are also incredibly detailed and I’ve literally spent over two hours exploring and yet I haven’t seen it all. shrimp1970 has spent years building these cities and the result is just astonishing!

Creator: shrimp1970, Twitter Account
Updated: 16 April, 2017 (read changelog)


This map features three different cities (or towns) and multiple separated structures. This post has been designed to provide you a basic outline of the different structures you can explore in this map. Use the links in the list to view a specific section of the post.

Stonehaven is a majestic fortress built into the natural terrain of a massive mountain with dramatic overhanging cliffs and epic views. On the inside of the fortress there are tens of structures which include residential houses, an armory, a throne room and much more.

Coordinates: -179, 71, 1207

All of the interiors are extremely detailed and most are designed for some kind of purpose. If you want to get the most out of it I recommend using the John Smith Legacy texture pack.

The throne room can be found in one of the big structures somewhere in the main center of Stonehaven. It’s quite hard to find, but nonetheless another great creation.

Click here to go to downloads.

Swampton is an amazingly detailed town situated in a swamp. Boat is recommended for anyone who intend to visit as most of the houses are in the water. There are many residential houses, high-rises and bridges. You will also find an opera house, a jousting arena, a cathedral and then last (but not least) the Forbidden Palace which towers over the city.

Coordinates: 140, 64, 608

The prison of Swampton. Here you will find the most hardened criminals.

Every interior of every house is beautifully furnished and decorated.

The Forbidden Tower is an epic structure which looms over the city.

I’ve said it before, but don’t forget to check out the interiors. Everything is so amazingly detailed!

Click here to go to downloads.

Skrimville is the second medieval town. It is located not that far from Swampton and it shouldn’t take too long to get there by foot. Back in July (2016) was the first time I tested Skrimville and it hasn’t changed much since then. It’s still just as amazing and includes every type of structure which I could possibly want and imagine in a medieval city.

Coordinates: -53, 68, 311

The Pit of Doom is really an adventure by itself. It’s a tall structure which is located basically on the border of the two cities. It’s lit up by huge torches and a moat of lava so it definitely stands out and shouldn’t be too difficult to find.

Coordinates: 90, 69, 420

Hint: Follow the water.

Don’t forget to bring your sword!

Desert Pyramid: To get there you first need to go to Skrimville and find the castle nearest the windmill. Somewhere around there you will find an entrance to the rails. Rails coordinates: 48, 16, -16.

Place a minecart on the rails and start riding. It’s going to take several minutes before you reach an end. But when you do then simply walk straight ahead down some stairs and then when you enter a room with chests take a turn to the right and walk up those stairs.

And voila! There you are! Pyramid coordinates: 2068, 70, 5.

Nether Castle: You can access the Nether through a portal which can be found in the center of Skrimville. Once you’ve arrived teleport (/teleport <x> <y> <z>) to the following coordinates: 15, 34, 102.

If you find out how to get to the castle without using the coordinates please share some instructions in the comments.

Lighthouse: You can find shrimp1970’s instructions of how to find it in the comments by clicking here. You can also just teleport there by using the following coordinates: -2873, 122, 126.



  • New fantasy town: Stonehaven
  • New prison, marketplace with inn, stables and other small builds in Swampton
  • The Pit of Doom has a better cladding on the outside


Warning: The file size for this map is quite big: ~167 MB

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94 Responses

  1. RandomHumanYT says:

    I found the Nether castle! Co-ordinates- 15, 34, 102.

  2. BjankyMiner says:

    Hi Shrimp looks absolutely Amazing going to download and explore in virtual reality ! Going to be awesome ! Also Thanks for visiting and comment .

    • Shrimp Mcpe/shrimp1970 says:

      Hey sorry missed your post! How you doing:) I have your map it’s fantastic! Wow the virtual thing sounds mad.

  3. YaBoi says:

    Desert Pyramid at 2059, 69, 3

  4. Alejandro says:

    The cords are (13 ,51 ,116)

  5. Shrimp Mcpe/shrimp1970 says:

    Thank you so much for showing my map, it’s an honour to my map on your site! Many thanks for the .mcworld link! Good luck finding the pyramid:) you have to go along way underground and a good 6min journey by rail to get there!

    • Editor says:

      No problems! 🙂

      Some people have already replied to the post and explained how to find the Nether Castle and the Pyramid. I will have to have a look at it later myself. 🙂

      Awesome map!

    • BannannaChicken says:

      Yo Shrimp! This map looks wicked!! i dont know how to downlaod it though, if you could tell me how to download it through the .mcworld, that would be amazing! THANK you!

      • Just play DE says:

        Its easy you need 7zipper when you habe the world than go in 7zipper and click in THW works in downloads than you can See apps and minecraft than you click in minecraft icon

    • Awestruck macka says:

      Just an idea if you ever wanted to make things more interesting (but to be honest it’s already AMAZINGLY FANTASMAGORICAL) you could add like, guilds around the place- so like an assassins guild, or maybe a guild of legendary heroes… but like I said earlier I would easily hands down say this is by far the best map I’ve come across, everything is absolutely stunning and very meticulously constructed, from the grandest of buildings right down to the smallest of shacks.
      So the only thing I can say to you is that I tip my hat and say “thanks,”

  6. Thoriq2 says:

    Use shaders = COOL

  7. Cool man says:

    Wow very big size 150 MB
    I Think this good map

  8. Childerboyz says:

    Coordinates for the rail to the Pyramid: 48 16 -16

    • Childerboyz says:

      It is under the castle nearest the windmill. There is a mine entrance under the stairs to get in to the castle. Enter and turn left. You should see stairs. Go down those. You must supply your own minecart. There is one rail he forgot to power, so just push forward after that until you hit the next powered one.

  9. SelenaGomezIsDaBest says:

    Lol good map…xcept I would like a modern version

  10. Shrimp Mcpe/shrimp1970 says:

    There is also a lighthouse which you can get to by going to the north gate entrance in Skrimville. If you go into the house called masons opposite the prison. You will find a ladder behind the counter which takes you underground. Again there is a rail line ( hope its powered!) its a long ride but it takes you to the sea. You’ll find a house at the top of the stairs and then you should see the lighthouse, planning to put a seaside town there 🙂 apologies for any mistakes in the map hard to keep track of it all! Thanks again for your kind comments much appreciated!

    • Editor says:

      Cool. I will add some info about it soon.

      Also, don’t forget that if you add anything (e.g. new structures etc) you can always send an update and I will update the post. If it is a big update I will even bump it to the first page. 🙂

  11. Shrimp Mcpe/shrimp1970 says:

    Any suggestions on how to improve it are very welcome! I’ve tried building modern but I suck at it.

    • Alex says:

      You can add a colosseum like arena

    • Catness says:

      You mentioned this before, but I think a cute seaside town would be nice. Maybe with a port and ships docked at it? Also something under ground, like a town in a cave, would be cool.

      • Macka says:

        Yea, awesome idea! You could make an entire KINGDOM underground, if you aren’t too busy, that’d be an AWESOME!!!
        But let’s get serious here, with your skill- you can do anything!!

  12. QualityMemes says:

    This is a great map, I love Skrimville, I’m gonna live there now. I like the small amphitheater in Skrimville since it resembles the Globe, and in school we are doing a unit on Shakespeare. Thanks to others posting the coordinates, I’m going to try those out later. Great map!! 😀

    • Shrimp Mcpe/shrimp1970 says:

      Thank you for your kind comments! The theatre is based on the globe, I visited a few years back and thought it was amazing worth a visit

  13. Map linked says:

    What’s resource pack?

  14. thumpy999 says:

    WHOA! this map is huge! and awesome looking! I got to try this!

  15. DankMemes says:

    I love this map, but in skrimville where is the main castle where the king/throne would be?

  16. Danica May says:

    I love this map! It is so awesome for a Minecraft map. I’ve never seen something like this before but I can’t wait for another map!🤗

  17. Hello says:

    How do u Apply world template without .mcpack?

  18. Shrimp Mcpe/shrimp1970 says:

    Hi Dankmemes the main castle in Skrimville is near the windmill and is the original spawning spot if I remember correctly:) there are a couple of throne rooms in the first two towers

  19. Shrimp Mcpe/shrimp1970 says:

    Sorry to post again! But I just wanted to apologise for the YouTube video I made it as a spoof! And sent the wrong link into the submissions….oh the shame:) if anyone cares you can search for shrimp mcpe on YouTube will be updating new builds on this map

  20. Anonymous says:

    there is a lighthouse at -2873 122 126

  21. Mubarak Hussein Abdalla says:

    Cool map

  22. Kothe says:

    You should make one of just Swampton.
    Also, my game keeps crashing randomlly and it’s quite annoying.
    And, maybe add more signs, specifying what each building is?
    Other than that, great build super amazing and I wish I had that talent.

  23. KotheMC3 says:

    It’s really really cool but I have some suggestions, I guess.
    -It keeps crashing a lot. I dunno if there’s a solution but whatever.
    -Maybe make one of JUST Swampton
    Other than that, it’s super cool

  24. Anna Kendirck says:

    Editi It’s So slow When I Am Trying to Download it.. Why?

    • AntiGravity says:

      Maybe slow internet connection.

    • Theo Hercules says:

      Same(ish) I’m on an iPad Air 2 and the template + world file pages on mediafire simply do not load once I’ve taped on the download button it loads 1/3 then stops. Is this just

  25. Catness says:

    Looks cool- but I can’t download it b/c I don’t have enough storage. Although it says I have 800MB free but when I try to download it says my storage is full. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

    • Editor says:

      If you are using an iOS device then I recommend to go to the Photos app and see if there’s any videos or images which you can remove. After you’ve removed an image/video make sure to go to “Recently Deleted” and remove all files there as well. Hopefully that will clear up enough space.

  26. Anonymous says:

    This is an amazing map! Its already very cool, but as the creator asked for ideas, i think it would be cool if you gave the castles and other structures secrets. you know, like a hidden redstone entrance to a dungeon under a castle? Either way its a great map and I will definitely be using it as a survival world. Thank you. 😉

  27. Shrimp Mcpe/shrimp1970 says:

    Cool ideas! I will be updating the map, just looking around it I’m as confused as everyone else:) don’t think I can take Swampton out of the map, I may be wrong not to clever with stuff like that, disappointed about the crashes shame:( thanks for great comments will be implementing many of your suggestions.

  28. Phantic says:

    Is there a quicker way to download it? It’s taking half an hour and still not downloading.

  29. Mineman says:

    It will not download no matter how long I try. I was just wondering if it could be fixed. I’ve been trying to download the map without the texture pack if that helps at all.

  30. Minecraftien111 says:

    Hi, i tried to download this map but im not able to :/
    I downloaded the texture pack first, and the map after (not the template)
    What should i do? I mean approximate time to wait?
    And do you think mc world is faster than mc template?

    • Editor says:

      Download the .McWorld and then use one of the install guides in one of the menus to install it.

      • Mineman says:

        I have an iOS device and I looked in the install guide for it but it says I need to get the documents app but I can’t get it because I’m not 17 yet. This map will not download.

  31. Laura79 says:

    Wait did u put a cross in the ground to the left side of the cobble palace that is next to the swamp for a prank?Because i was looking around and found a cross its really creepy i was playing in the map and downloaded it in the middle of the day so yea and i was alone in the room or when you were making it (the map) did you see a cross in the ground anywhere

  32. napstablook says:

    we know about swampton but what about skrimville and how do you get to it and back???

  33. Minecraftien111 says:

    Thank you !

    It worked but it took me all the night downloading it.

    PS :
    (Im on ios and i dont know if there is any unzip app please tell me if u know some)

  34. SoaPuffball says:

    Imma try doing a Fire Emblem Fates inspired rp here

  35. BacchusRegent96 says:

    cool map I have just a question how do you put many link when you want to export a map on mcpedl?

    • ZeReaper says:

      You can put one on the specific place and put the others on your submission text (or you can put all on the space for the link with a space between but I don’t know if Editor see it totally or like us on the submission interface).

  36. Anyone says:

    Not working for my iPad mini! It worked on my phone, but it’s easier to play on my iPad!

  37. Spinyx says:

    Can someone help me? I’m having a problem downloading this map and I don’t know why. I tried using safari and Google Chrome and I have 3.9 GB of storage in my iPad. By the way, I know how to download this file.
    If you want to know, here the info of my iPad:
    Device: iPad mini 2 (the iPad mini with retina display if you don’t know)
    Software: iOS 10.2.1 (I don’t want to update my software because it will make my iPad lag)
    If anyone knows a solution please tell me. Thank you!

  38. Name unknown says:

    Hey shrimp can you add a roman like collesum I think it would look good
    Ps I love the map

    • Shrimp Mcpe/shrimp1970 says:

      Yes I’m going to build a port next to Stonehaven with some bigger structures might take a while:)

      • Macka says:

        How long did this map take to build altogether? Btw AMAZING JOB I can’t wait for the next update- but I heard that you were looking for some ideas and thought, well all is good and well above ground… but what about UNDERground? That might be interesting!

  39. Phantomb6000 says:

    Can i use this in my youtube channel. Please. I will give credit

  40. MrTrollzor says:

    Hey, editor, did you know that I used the John Smith legacy texture pack to build a chinese build for a school project? And in addition, do you go to school? (Just wondering)

  41. Zd4 says:

    wow best map ever me and my friend checked it and its amazing. shrimp you are a amazing builder.

  42. AntiGravity says:

    Looks pretty nice, Shrimp MCPE! I know it’ll take a while for it to download since I have slow internet! 😛 Keep up the good work!!

  43. Maughan123 says:

    Anyone know the coordinates of the prison

  44. Lee says:

    Nice map Shrimp keep it up!!

  45. Notch says:

    New House???? v1.0.6 Uptdate

  46. IRFAN YT says:

    Nice Map I Hope It Will Have More Update Soon

  47. Cyril says:

    I can’t download why plz help I need this map. Want it I want to play on it plz

  48. Ayush3008 A.K.A GamerOfLegends3008 says:

    I found the neither castle without co-ords. When I entered the portal, there was already a road-like way to get to the castle.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Great Map! I’d love to see an adventure map utilizing this map’s content. By the way I think you can access Nether castle directly from the Nether portal in a room of stonehaven castle and another room in Swampton castle. The coordinates are: -290, 120, 1269 and -35, 171, 854. They both lead to -23, 91, 146 position in Nether which is straight above Nether Castle. Win 10 edition by the way.

  50. TheProGamer21 says:

    This is super cool (:

  51. Anonymous says:

    How do you get to Skrimville from Swampton without using the /tp command ?

  52. Miss_cute_kitty says:

    Whenever I try to download WITH MC world it doesn’t work is there another way ?

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